Retail File Archiving: A Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Data Storage

Retail File Archiving

Your retail business has always relied on data, but not like it does today. The amount of information that you rely on for your day-to-day business operations has exploded. This drives your business (and can cost a fortune)!

With so much retail data now at hand, you can no longer rely on slow, unwieldy, and expensive traditional data storage. Your best alternative is cost effective retail file archiving.

Here’s how retail file archiving can save on costs and performance slow-downs.

The Disadvantages of Legacy Archiving

The old method of traditional tape-based archiving may have made sense once, but not any longer. Though it may be relatively inexpensive to send your archive tapes to off-site storage, retrieval is time consuming. It requires that you maintain the original equipment and applications that created the tapes in order to restore data. There is a risk of the media itself losing its integrity as a result of age.

Retail file archiving doesn’t present any of these challenges. It’s a faster, cheaper solution that provides you with greater access to your data. You see, data is not the only evolving piece of your business. Data management is also becoming perfected the more we use data and discover new needs around it.

A Smarter File Archiving System

Retail file archiving systems provide effective data management at lower costs. They offer greater data flexibility and productivity. Data can be stored in either a tiered system on-site or in the cloud. Either solution provides immediate, zero impact data access to all users.

Today’s retail storage appliances enable seamless integration with existing systems. You don’t even need to purchase special proprietary hardware. Your retail organization can automatically back up its data based on the parameters that you establish. This provides you with protections of data integrity and security.

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Most importantly, all of the files you need indexed are easily searched and address your compliance requirements.

These tiered data management systems enable you to maintain your organization’s most relevant and frequently-accessed data on your primary servers. Plus, they automatically shift lesser-used information to lower-level, less expensive storage.

Cloud Storage Archiving

Cloud storage capabilities in particular offer your retail organization even greater flexibility. As you seek greater cost savings, you are able to expand your data storage capacity at a lower cost by using storage as a service. This allows you to cut the costs of hardware and storage capacity by replacing them with completely scalable capabilities at a fixed price.

Even more importantly, any of your remote retail locations or partners can access your data seamlessly from anywhere. They simply use your existing infrastructure and applications anywhere there is an Internet connection. It’s that easy.

Data Driven Insights at Reduced Costs and Increased Speed

If you’re searching for the ability to access all of your essential data instantly, retail file archiving is the best solution for you. You will be able to quickly respond to changing customer needs and tastes, market shifts, and more. You will also save a fortune on data storage costs.

To learn more about how integrating our smart data management into your retail operation will boost your profits, contact us today.