Robust Archive Storage Solution For theManufacturing Industry

Manufacturing and engineering firms have unique needs for archive storage solutions. Diagrams, designs and other sensitive intellectual properties need to be protected and secured for the lifetime of a project. In the case of component designs and specifications, this can mean storing data for decades. These documents are vital for day-to-day operations and must be easily recalled at a moment’s notice. 

ShareArchiver offers massive cost savings by moving these older data files to lower-cost storage yet allowing data to be seamlessly accessed simultaneously.

How Sharearchiver Works With Organizations In The Manufacturing & Engineering Industry

ShareArchiver works with organizations in the manufacturing & engineering industry to meet the demands of archive storage archive storage solutions by:

Providing A Seamless Data Management, Archiving And Data Retrieval System.

Setting Rules To Automatically Archive Files That Meet Custom, Organization-Specific Criteria.

Reducing Data Storage Costs Through File Archiving.

Meeting Industry Compliance Standards For Data Storage.

Storing Data With Industry-Leading De-Duplication, Compression, 256-AES Encryption, And SSL Technology.

Allowing You To Visualize And Analyze Data Savings Before You Archive.

Using Powerful Search Functionality To Retrieve Files And Much More Easily.

Data Management And File Archive Storage Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry

ShareArchiver is a robust all-in-one file archive storage solutions and management solution suited to your needs in the manufacturing & engineering industry.

Analyze And Visualize Your Data Usage

Analyze before you archive to understand your potential storage savings. Our robust data visualization and analytics help you visualize your organization's data types and usage to create more effective archiving policies.

Easily Integrate With Current Systems

ShareArchiver is lightweight and easily integrated with your manufacturing or engineering organization's current software. You can manage multiple file servers with ease from one centralized location.

No User Impact

Users have access to stubs (ghost files) for immediate access to data without migrating to a different screen or view. This means that there is zero user impact with file archiving.

Lower Costs With Archive Storage

Save up to 80% in storage space with archive storage and reduce costs while improving data accessibility and analysis.

Users Find What They Need With Powerful File Search

Powerful search functionality allows users to search through thousands of data points and easily find the files they need in the archive.

Our Archive Storage Solution For The Manufacturing & Engineering

In the cloud or on-premise deployment, ShareArchiver has a solution to meet your manufacturing & engineering organization’s unique data management and storage needs.

Cloud-Archive Storage

A flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized organizations, our cloud archive storage solution provides your manufacturing organization with immutable, high-performance hot storage. With scalable, volume-based Saas model pricing, user support and no up-front software costs, you can quickly and securely manage your data from the cloud.

On-Premise Software Solution

Our software offers seamless installation and complete integration for manufacturing or engineering organizations required to keep data in-house or those looking for a custom solution. Are you looking to take advantage of lower-cost Cloud Storage while using ShareArchiver on-prem? Archive legacy and older data to the cloud while keeping active data on-prem.

About ShareArchiver

Founded in 2013, ShareArchiver works with organizations worldwide to help them improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs and increase data security. Looking for more information about ShareArchiver? Contact us today:
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Archive Storage Solutions are specialized storage systems designed for long-term data retention that may not be accessed frequently but needs to be preserved for compliance, historical, or backup purposes.

While primary storage is designed for active data accessed frequently, archive storage solutions prioritize storage capacity and long-term data retention over speed. This means they can store vast amounts of data for extended periods, often at reduced costs.

Key features include storage capacity, long-term retention capabilities, adherence to compliance requirements, retrieval times, and integration with cloud services like Google Cloud or Azure Archive Storage.

Many industries have regulatory compliance requirements for data retention. Archive storage solutions ensure that data is stored securely, remains unaltered, and can be accessed when needed, meeting these regulatory standards.

Cloud Archive stores archival data in cloud services like Google Cloud or Azure Archive Storage. It offers scalability, often has lower operational costs, and eliminates the need for physical storage infrastructure. Traditional archival storage might involve offline storage methods like tapes in tape libraries.

Archive storage solutions, especially cloud storage and offline storage options, are generally more cost-effective than primary storage. This is because they’re optimized for long-term retention rather than for frequent access, leading to reduced costs.

Long-term data retention ensures that data is preserved for extended periods for compliance purposes, historical reference, or disaster recovery. It’s essential for industries with strict regulatory requirements and businesses that want to safeguard against data loss.

Many modern archive storage solutions can integrate with cloud services, offering a hybrid approach. This allows businesses to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud storage features while maintaining the integrity and security of archival data.

Retention policies define how long data should be stored and when it can be deleted or moved to a different storage tier. These policies help businesses automate data lifecycle management and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

While no system is immune, reputable archive storage solutions implement robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, to protect against cyber threats.