File Archive Storage Solution

Data management and storage is becoming increasingly important in the present business climate. Today, companies are creating petabytes worth of data, which is leading to data management requirements that were virtually unimaginable 20 years ago. In fact, over the last two years alone, 90 percent of the data in the world was generated.  , this trend is poised to continue and the future will see organizations generating exponentially more data than the present day.

Organizations are also looking to leverage their huge data sets,   Enterprises now need tools to them help visualize and understand their tremendous data growth and find ways to reduce data storage costs.

With so much sensitive and proprietary data being stored, it’s no wonder that millions are spent on data storage, security and analytics. Managing storage costs and maintaining data accessibility are huge challenges that enterprises need to overcome.

The Challenge: Manage Large Amounts of Data and Increasing Storage Costs

The Solution: Reduce Storage Costs While Improving Data Accessibility

ShareArchiver meets these challenges by working with organizations worldwide to help them  improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs and increase data security.

ShareArchiver’s file archive software solutions offer simple integration with current systems, frees up valuable storage space and provides a powerful search functionality with stub files for seamless data access and zero user impact. Available as a cloud-based file archive solution or an on-premise deployment,

  • Access critical data analytics and visualizations.
  • Reduce data storage and costs by up to 80%.
  • Set rules in the system to automatically archive files that meet custom, organization-specific or departmental criteria.
  • Access documents in one place via stub files.
  • Store data with industry-leading de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology.
  • Meet the compliance standards of your industry.
  • Free up time for your IT department.
  • Allow for greater business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our Archive Software Solutions

In the cloud or on-premise deployment, ShareArchiver has a solution to meet your organization’s unique data management and storage needs

Cloud-Archive Storage

A flexible, secure, and cost effective solution for small and medium sized organizations, our cloud archive storage solution provides your organization with immutable, high performance hot storage. With scalable, volume-based Saas model pricing, user support and no up-front software costs, you can easily and securely manage your data from the cloud.

On-Premise Software Solution

For organizations required to keep data in-house or those looking for a custom solution, our software offers seamless installation, complete LDAP integration and dedicated support. Looking for a hybrid data archiving solution? You can also keep sensitive data in-house and push other data to the cloud.

We Provide Custom Solutions For Your Industry

Whether your organization manages petabytes of  data, or holds sensitive data,  ShareArchiver provides companies in your industry with an all-in-one file archiving and management solution using industry-leading 256-AES encryption and SSL technology for compliance requirements. See how we work with organizations in your industry.