File Server Archiving Software for Compliance Sensitive Businesses

Archive files to on-prem or cloud storage and keeps your files safe with enterprise-grade encryption—access archived files without interruption with seamless stubbing technology. 

Find the needle in the haystack with our built-in e-discovery and search tools.

Why Opt for Our File Server Archiving Software?

Reduce data storage by up to 80%

File archiving on autopilot

Data deduplication and compression.

Archive data to storage of choice.

Speedy data restores

Match industry compliance standards for compliance sensitive businesses

Delivers low RTO/RPO

Ransomware protection

Easy & Seamless File Archiving Capabilities


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How Is Sharearchiver Delivered To Our Customers?

prem solution

PREM File Server Archiving

Our on-premise file server archiving software is pre-configured for optimal performance and scalable to 100’s TB/PB. ShareArchiver supports complete LDAP integration, and our dedicated support is always there to guide you at every step of the process. Download and deploy ShareArchiver virtual image in mins – no upfront costs.

cloud solution

Cloud-Based Archiving

Dive into the analytics on the go and discover insight into your data. Our cloud-based file server archiving software offers volume-based data storage pricing with hands-on support (no hidden charges). Our enterprise-grade security ensures the security of your files and keeps them safe from unauthorized access.

Are you paying too much for storage?


All your files in your reach without any bells and whistles

data analysis

File level Analytics & Reporting

Analyze and visualize data, discover trends, and implement the best and most effective policies.

archive policies

Remote office management

Access data on demand and easily manage multiple file servers across the organization.

file search

Full-Text Search Enabled

Find the needle in the haystack. Content search using our powerful filters and full-text search feature.

analyse unstructured data

Disaster Management

Access and recover files without any hassle with our disaster management software. Restore critical files seamlessly minus the bloat.

robust policy engine

Regulatory Compliance

Meet Data Protection, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance requirements for compliance sensitive businesses.

fast archiving

Speedy File Archiving

Sit back, relax and set archiving on automation. Bring AI into action & activate bulk archived files in minutes.

Find out how how many files you can archive in just 10 minutes

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Our Customers Tell the Best Stories

Brad S.

IT Manager
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Kyle H.

Owner, Construction
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Ernic Jose V.

Inspector Electromecanico
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Mosab M.

IT Infrastructure Manager
Used the software for:
2+ years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareArchiver?

ShareArchiver is a complete file archiving and data storage solution that works best for large data volumes. It’s available as a downloadable virtual appliance and as a cloud service.

How does it work?

It intelligently detects less frequently used files and replaces them with zero-size stubs while compressing and transferring the file data to network storage.

What are file stubs?

File stubs are virtual files of zero size that serve as access points to archived content. To end-users, they look and feel just like regular files. Created with ShareArchiver, data linked to file stubs are fully text searchable and are unarchived intelligently on demand.

How much does ShareArchiver cost?

ShareArchiver comes with volume-based SaaS pricing. On average, the cost of archiving 1Gb of data is $10 per month, and it decreases as the storage grows.

Is archiving disruptive to the end-users?

Not at all. ShareArchiver operates almost invisibly to end-users. They can search and access archived data through the same file names as before.

Can I use my own storage?

You can use any storage you like. With ShareArchiver virtual appliance, you can use your own network servers or third-party cloud storage, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, or any other.

What makes ShareArchiver different?

ShareArchiver simplifies every aspect of archiving. By operating primarily over CIFS protocol, it makes archiving and restoring data over the network incredibly easy. What’s more, it comes with hands-on support at every step of your journey, from deployment to scaling up as your data grows and retaining archived data when needed.

File Archiving that puts the compliance in your control

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