An E-Discovery Software for Accessing Large Volumes of Data Effortlessly

E-Discovery Software is an essential tool for modern organizations. For whom speedy access to information is critical. To remain competitive, organizations need to be efficient and highly productive. This means making data available to users on demand. Allowing users to be self-sufficient in their needs to locate critical data quickly. Also, ensuring data security at the same time. It is also important to offer users a unified experience for accessing data. For example, users should not stop and think about whether the data they need is archived or not: The background must be cohesive and transparent.

ShareArchiver’s e-discovery software offers users FULL-TEXT SEARCH. Which extends the search capabilities from archived data to spread across file servers. This means that the users can search and locate data quickly. Wherever it may exist; hence from a single interface, users may search either or both of the below.
  • Archive Repository Search
  • File Server Search
Archive Repository Search

ShareArchiver is an enterprise web application archiving data from file servers. In a central repository and searched incredibly quickly. Accessible to all users, as users log in, their AD (LDAP Security) information is used to explore the archive and allows/denies access to data.

File Server E-Discovery

Organizations seek better ways to manage data and make information available when needed. With our electronic discovery solution extends search functionality to file servers. ShareArchiver allows users to crawl the file servers and index files, including content and file properties. The indexing process also stores the security information used during user searches. Archived content and file server data are searchable through a unified interface.


Key Capabilities of our E-Discovery Software

LDAP Integration
FULL-TEXT content Search
Search Scanned PDF files enhanced with OCR technology
File metadata search
Search supports over 90 languages

Benefits of Our E-Discovery Software

Archived data is searchable through the. ShareArchiver search interface; users log in using SSO (Single Sign On)
Index file server data and extend the search to the user. A single interface searches for data across archived data and file servers.

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