Cloud Archiving and File Backup

In recent years, organizations have adopted a cloud backup strategy, a popular choice amongst small and medium enterprises. Cloud backups work well since they tend to back up only incremental changes on an ongoing basis, however, in a DR situation, if a FULL server recovery is required, the complete backup will need to be made available from the cloud ISP.

Restoring data could pose a huge challenge involving the download of large volumes of data. Organisations must ask themselves how long it will take to restore their data from a cloud backup? Most companies do not have adequate bandwidth to download 100’s of GBs or even TBs of data from the ISP in a fashion timely enough to restore service. Given these low bandwidth restrictions, the data MUST be delivered physically. This leads to further delays and leaves the organization exposed.

ShareArchiver helps address this by archiving less critical data, filtering and moving aged data to a separate volume reduces the primary storage and therefore lowers costs and allows backups and restores to run faster, the lower the volume the easier it is to manage it.