Cloud Archiving Solution

We provide you with a top-notch Cloud Archiving Solution and solution that makes data storage:

  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Accessible on-the-go

When you have data that must be kept for long-term uses, you can increase storage capacity and reduce costs by archiving it. Simply put, a cloud-based file archiving solution is a cloud computing model that lets you store your data. This solution is delivered on demand and requires your data storage infrastructure. ShareArchiver’s Cloud Archiving Solution allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere while saving costs and resources.

What Makes Our Cloud Archiving Software Stand Out

An End-To-End Holistic Solutions.
Deep Data Analysis And Visualization.
Zero User Impact - Seamlessly Access Archived Data.
Simple Volume-Based Pricing Model.
Strong Compliance For The Regulated Industries.
Optimize Disaster Recovery, Restore From Archive With Ease.
Content E-Discovery, Powerful FULL-TEXT Search.
Offers Enterprise-Grade Security.

All your files in your reach

Visualize your data types and map usage to create effective data archiving policies—moreover, access archives on the go.

Save up to 80% on storage costs with the cloud archiving software. Pay only for what you archive with volume-based pricing. Moreover, there are no upfront costs.

Set rules and create archiving policies to automate file archiving. Automatically detect backup to the cloud of new or changed files within minutes

End-to-end security for archived data, AES 256 at rest, 2FA login security integration. File-level Synchronized permissions mean the user can search and observe only those files they can access.

99.9999999% uptime and data availability. Access your archives from anywhere and anytime in the world. The cloud archiving software lets you acquire your files around the clock without delay.

Search through millions of archives easily in our cloud archiving software. Discover the data that you need in seconds with a full-text search. The data repository of the cloud archiving software supports several languages.

our best bespoke solutions

Easy File Archiving, a simple 5-step approach.

Step 1

Signup via our SAAS Platform

Step 2

Analyze your existing files

Step 3

Create effective policies

Step 4

Archive files on the cloud

Step 5

Access archived files securely & hassle-free on the cloud archiving software.


Going beyond just Cloud Archiving

Built With Security In Mind - 2FA SSL And AES 256 Encryption
Lower Storage Costs Using Secondary Storage.
Lower Data Volumes Translates To Smaller Backup.
Speedy Data Restoration In Events Of Data Loss.
Seamless Data Access For Users.
No Change For Users To Access Archived Data.
Pre-Archiving Analysis To Facilitate Potential Saving Calculations Before Data Archiving.
Malware And Ransomware Protection.
Data Access With Zero Impact On Users.

Scan, Sort And Archive Files To Cloud In Minutes

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Our Customers Tell The Best Stories

Great software that addresses a major need for our Company
Brad S.
IT Manager
Just Archive it! Highly recommend

Kyle H.
Owner Construction
very easy to use and efficient at work

Ernic Jose V.
Inspector Electromecanico

Frequently Asked Questions

ShareArchiver is a complete archiving software that enables you to archive large data volumes. It’s available as a downloadable virtual appliance and as a cloud service.

A Cloud Archiving Solution, like ShareArchiver, is a software solution designed to securely store and manage data in cloud storage for long-term retention. It ensures that data remains accessible, compliant with regulatory requirements, and is stored cost-effectively.

ShareArchiver offers various modern archiving solutions tailored to meet specific business goals, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and reducing storage costs.

ShareArchiver’s Cloud Archiving Solution optimizes storage by moving older, less frequently accessed data to cost-effective cloud storage tiers, thus reducing primary storage costs and operational costs.


Absolutely. ShareArchiver ensures secure access to archived content, protecting it from human error, disasters, and unauthorized access. Our solutions meet industry standards for security and disaster recovery.

Yes, ShareArchiver is designed to help businesses meet various regulatory requirements and compliance regulations. Our solutions ensure that data is retained for the necessary retention periods and can be easily retrieved for compliance audits or legal purposes.

Public cloud solutions, like Google Cloud, offer cloud services on a larger scale to the general public. Private clouds are dedicated infrastructures for specific organizations. ShareArchiver’s Cloud Archiving Solution can be tailored to work with both, depending on a business’s needs and compliance requirements.


ShareArchiver offers granular retention policies, secure access to archives, cost-effective storage management, compliance with regulatory requirements, and support for public and private cloud environments, among other key features.

ShareArchiver’s solutions are designed for long-term retention, ensuring that data is stored in secure, scalable cloud storage for extended periods, meeting business and regulatory requirements.

Yes, ShareArchiver is designed to integrate seamlessly with various cloud services, software solutions, and communication channels, providing a comprehensive and efficient archiving experience.