ShareArchiver Cloud Archive Platform

We Believe Cloud Archive Storage Should Be Affordable & Scalable

Are you seeking flexible, secure data management and cloud archive storage?
At ShareArchiver, affordable, scalable cloud archiving options are a priority. We’ve taken our traditional, volume-based SaaS model and incorporated all the benefits of cloud archiving without the upfront cost. That’s right. It’s the same experience as our on-premise solution. Same security. Same savings. It just happens to be on the cloud.

However, traditional cloud backups have numerous disadvantages:

  • Expensive storage compared with archived storage options
  • Archived data is searchable
  • In the event of a data loss, the full set of data needs to be re-downloaded from the cloud which takes a great deal of time and bandwidth, leaving your organization without vital data which can halt operations.
  • Data may also need to be physically delivered in the event of a data loss, which compromises organizational data security.

ShareArchiver provides a cloud-based solution to these problems. Retain the benefits of low-cost pricing and off-site data management in the cloud, while archiving seldom accessed  data.

Archiving data to the cloud with ShareArchiver allows your organization to:

  • Lower costs storage with a scalable per-volume pricing model
  • Run faster data backups with immutable, high performance hot
  • Quickly and securely restore data in the event of a data loss
  • Take advantage of our knowledgeable support team
  • Visualize and analyze your data usage
  • Gain better access to your data without any user impact

Our experience with ShareArchiver has been fabulous, ShareArchiver was able to provide us with a solution to decrease our file server size and reduce the volume by 65% and keep our file structure intact, moreover, it had no impact on our user's ability to access data.

Daniel Robinson, Storage Admin, ASHRAE Headquarters


ShareArchiver is a powerful all-in-one file archiving and management solution

Analyze and Visualize Your Data Usage From The Cloud

Analyze before you archive to understand your potential storage savings. Our powerful data visualization and analytics help you visualize your organization’s data types and usage to create more effective archiving policies

Lower Costs With Cloud Archive Storage

Along with no upfront costs and volume-based pricing, you also save up to 80% in storage space and reap the cost benefits with online archive storage, along with improved data accessibility and analysis

Save Time With Automated Cloud Archiving

Set rules in the system to automatically archive files to the cloud that meet custom, organization-specific criteria.

Meet Compliance & Security Standards

We use industry-leading security 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology to protect your data from ransom-ware and keep sensitive data safe, repositories can be set to be immutable on multiple levels to ensure data is safe and secure.

Get Immediate Access To Your Data With High Performance Hot Storage

Your cloud archive storage can be accessed immediately with no delay, exactly when your organization needs it.

Powerful File Search Allows Users To Always Find What They Need

Improve your data accessibility with our powerful search functionality. Users can search through millions of files regardless of language and easily find the files they need in cloud archive with in seconds.

No User Impact

Users have access to stubs (ghost files) for immediate and seamless access to data in the cloud without migrating to a different screen or view.

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