Data Security Software With Ensured Regulatory Compliance

Growing regulatory compliance requires organizations to retain data and make it available when required, this means companies must store data and be able to search and access data quickly and cost-effectively. Data must be stored in an immutable repository for compliance and data must be stored in a form that guarantees data integrity.

data compliance

One-Stop Data Security Platform

server secure compliance

Secure Data Archiving

ShareArchiver is a regulatory compliant, secure and immutable data repository. Secure SSL connections between remotely deployed agents and servers allows data to be archived securely from remote offices. Data may be archived centrally or archived directly to the cloud storage S3 bucket OR Azure Blob Storage – allowing the solution to scale massively as each agent can independently archive in parallel.  Data is transferred through encrypted channels, ensuring secure data transfer.

secure access to users

Secure Access for Users

Users access ShareArchiver using a web browser over a secure SSL connection. Users may login to ShareArchiver using LDAP authentication protocol. ShareArchiver offers users the ability to search and restore data incredibly quickly. Data can be searched using FULL-TEXT content search, and offers  power boolean search options. ShareArchiver can search across millions of files in sub-second search time boosting organisational productivity. 


immutable repository

Immutable SIS Repository

When data is archived, a mathematically calculated digital ID is used to compare it to other files in the repository in real time. If unique, the data is uploaded to the repository and stored where the file remains in an immutable form. Any subsequent versions are stored in the repository. The repository Is only accessible through the web interface. The data remains unchangeable while stored in the repository.

data e-discovery

Data E-Discovery

ShareArchiver offers an intuitive search interface to search and export data from the repository, FULL TEXT search allows users to search document content in over 90 different languages.

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