Data Archiving and Compliance Software With Ensured Regulatory Compliance

Growing data archiving and compliance requires organizations to retain and make data available during annual audits. Businesses must perform efficient data retention to ensure data availability at the time of need.


Cost-effective data archiving and compliance software ensure your digital assets are stored in a format with utmost data security following regulatory protocols!

One-Stop Data Archiving and Compliance Platform

Data Archiving and Compliance Simplified

ShareArchiver offers a robust data archiving and compliance solution that meets the most rigorous regulatory requirements like HIPAA and GDPR Policy. Using secure SSL connections, data is archived safely from remote offices, either centrally or directly, to renowned cloud solutions like S3 bucket or Azure Blob Storage. This flexibility paves the way for unparalleled scalability as each segment can archive concurrently. Transferring data through encrypted channels minimizes compliance risks, adheres to industry data security policy, and prevents potential data theft. Trust in ShareArchiver to ensure complete compliance with data archiving policy, cost-effective storage, and an uncompromised archiving process.

Secure Access For User

ShareArchiver is accessed through a web browser via a secure SSL connection. Users can access ShareArchiver via the LDAP authentication mechanism. Allow our data security program to seed and extract your required files whenever necessary. If you still need to secure your critical data using data security software, you could be one step away from unauthorized access. You can prevent data corruption, theft, or scams with highly compliant data security software. Stay wary of hackers and prevent data loss with ShareArchiver's data archival and retention policy. Ensure long-term storage of critical files with managed data access to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access protecting your privacy online.

Immutable SIS Repository

Boost your data security policy with our immutable SIS Repository, a highly compliant data encryption solution. Every archived data is stamped with a unique, numerically derived digital ID, facilitating real-time comparisons with existing files in the repository. If the data stands unique, it's secured and remains unaltered within. Our repository keeps track of all data revisions, guaranteeing its immutability while providing easy data access through an online interface.

Data E-Discovery

ShareArchiver offers an intuitive search interface to search and export data from the repository; FULL-TEXT search allows users to search document content in over 90 languages. Our integrated data security software with data protection policy lets you track your data anytime and gain actionable insights in minutes. Now, you can reduce your data reviewing costs and find, collate, and duplicate your data more swiftly with cloud data e-discovery tools, following data protection practices in best possible manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data Archiving and Compliance refers to the systematic storage and management of business records, ensuring they meet regulatory and industry regulations while facilitating easy retrieval and audit.

Meeting compliance requirements is essential to avoid legal and reputational risks. It ensures that businesses adhere to industry regulations, legal requirements, and government agency directives, guaranteeing the business’s and its stakeholders’ protection.

ShareArchiver provides customizable retention policies, ensuring that records are stored for the appropriate retention periods defined by industry standards or legal requirements. 

ShareArchiver offers cloud-based and on-premise solutions catering to various business needs and preferences.

With ShareArchiver, once data is archived, it remains immutable, meeting the stringent regulatory compliance demands. This guarantees the integrity of archived records, especially in the face of legal requests or records requests.

Absolutely. ShareArchiver is designed to manage vast amounts of data, including communication records such as email archives. 

Financial institutions face unique regulatory compliance requirements. ShareArchiver understands these challenges and offers features tailored to the financial services industry, ensuring complete compliance with industry regulations.

Yes, the archiving solutions provided by ShareArchiver not only store data, offer actionable insights, and help businesses derive maximum value from their archived records. We have defined company data protection policy that organizations can implement with our software.