Data Security Software With Ensured Regulatory Compliance

Growing data compliance security requires organizations to retain data and make it available during annual audits. It is evident that businesses must perform efficient data retention to ensure data availability at the time of need. 

Cost-effective data security software for compliance makes sure your digital assets are stored in a format with utmost data security following regulatory protocols!

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One-Stop Data Security Platform

server secure compliance

Secure Data Archiving

ShareArchiver is a regulatory-compliant, secure, and immutable data repository. Secure SSL connections between remotely deployed agents and servers allow data to be archived securely from remote offices.

Data may be archived centrally or directly to the cloud storage—S3 bucket OR Azure Blob Storage—allowing the solution to scale massively as each agent can independently archive in parallel. 

Data can be archived centrally or directly to cloud storage—S3 bucket OR Azure Blob Storage—allowing the system to scale exponentially because each unit can archive independently in parallel.

Data transfer is made through encrypted channels, ensuring secure data transfer. Preventing data theft, reducing the risk of information leakage, and ensuring compliance requirements are all reasons to use data encryption. 

Save your valuable yet intermittently used data with complete compliance and security with our data security software.

secure access to users

Secure Access for User

ShareArchiver is accessed through a web browser via a secure SSL connection. Users can access. ShareArchiver via the LDAP authentication mechanism. Allow our data security program to seed and extract your required files whenever necessary. 

If you still need to secure your critical data using data security software, you could be one step away from unauthorized access. You can prevent data corruption, theft, or scams with highly compliant data security software. Stay wary of any hackers and prevent data loss with ShareArchiver’s data compliance security policies and protocols. 

Ensure long-term storage of critical files with managed data access to ensure security and prevention from unauthorized access.

immutable repository

Immutable SIS Repository

Ensure streamlined data compliance security with a secure and highly compliant data encryption repository!

Your archived data is maintained with a numerically derived digital ID when stored online. This ID can be used to compare data in real-time to other files in the repository. If the data is unique, it is uploaded and retained in the repository, where it remains immutable.

The data compliance security repository stores any subsequent revisions and allows data accession via an online interface. While in the repository, the data remains unchangeable.

data e-discovery

Data E-Discovery

ShareArchiver offers an intuitive search interface to search and export data from the repository; FULL-TEXT search allows users to search document content in over 90 different languages. 

Are you tired of wasting resources and time looking for compliant digital evidence during business litigation? With our integrated data security software, you can track your data at any time and gain actionable insights in minutes.

Now you can reduce your data reviewing costs and find, collate, and duplicate your data more swiftly with cloud data e-discovery tools.

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