Unique and Powerful Features

ShareArchiver’s incredible features make it easy to archive, manage, and analyze your data.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Generate custom reports and queries
Analyze files by name, date, volume, location, and more
See how your servers are being used to maximize efficiency

Data Archiving

Archive local and remote servers
Schedule archiving processes and sync permissions
Optimize network bandwidth with global file de-duplication
Integrate with a central archive, complete with versioning support

Built-in e-Discovery Tools

Full text searches make data retrieval fast and easy
Index files on the server or in central repository
Foreign language support available
Over 150 file types supported

Robust Policy Engine

Create or copy archiving policies in seconds
Set policies based on file size, type, metadata, and more
Automate secure policies to improve productivity

Centralized, Remote Management

Run data analyses and reports from anywhere, any time
Export and restore data remotely
Access and restore data from a central location
Manage data, stubs, and policies with a central management console

Recover & Restore Files

Export and merge files to a UNC path
Quickly restore files or stubs by path

A Holistic Data Management Solution

Try ShareArchiver for free and get instant access to:

  • File Archiving Tools
  • Robust Analytics Engine
  • Cost-Effective Data Storage
  • Optimized Backup Times

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