Everything you need to Archive Data

ShareArchiver’s incredible features make it easy to manage storage and data.

Storage Management with no user Impact!

Centralised Management

ShareArchiver makes it easy to manage ROBO (remote office branch offices) with remotely deployed but centrally managed agents - makes ShareArchiver linearly scalable.

Next Generation Stubbing

For organization where data accessibility is critical – archive data with absolutely no impact to the users or applications accessing the data. seamless access to data. Archive data on Windows Servers, Windows DFS, NetApp SAN Storage, Amazon FSX, NAS Devices, any any other storage system available.

Restore data with ease

Navigate and individual files or folders, or even FULL file shares and restore data with ease, data can be restored as Stubs OR fully hydrated data.

Global Deduplication and Compression

Global deduplication and compression delivers massive efficiency in storage usage translating in costs savings and more money in your pocket.


ShareArchiver is a Dynamic and versatile archiving solution, you can archive data to cheaper storage options such as local SATA/SAS, Network Storage, Cloud Storage such as Azure Hot/Cold/Archive Storage,Wasabi S3, Amazon S3/Glacier Storage, ThinkOn (Canada) and myriad of different Storage options.

Optimized Backup

Organisations are struggling with longer backup windows, complying with recovery time objectives is a massive challenge, ShareArchiver helps with moving seldom accessed data to a secondary storage with no user impact, this has the advantage of shrinking backup and improving restore windows, with no impact to users, while reducing costs and savings.

Analytics and Data Driven reporting

Data Analysis

Most organisations generate vast volumes of data, before the archival process ShareArchiver performs deep analysis of your data, the process is quick and easy to set up and requires no agents to be deployed on your file servers.

Remote office management

The Analysis phase reports on data patterns, and many other matrices, this helps with data visualisation and deciding what data types and data age to target, in order to get the most of your archive process.

Effective Policies

Create data driven effective policies for your business, archies by departmental share paths and apply different policies - move massive volume of data to the target archive storage without any impact on users ability to access data. Create

Machine Learning & Data Classification

Machine learning

ShareArchiver delivers machine learning capabilities, ShareArchiver performs data training on your data with ease, assign data classification tags, and auto categorise data so you can apply policies across your data, based on content.

Find Similar Documents

Search for documents, you may also find similar documents in terms of content with a simple click of a button, the similar content is based on content and machine learning processes and are vital for E-Discovery processes.

Automated Data Categorization

Any future documents matching content with the trained document get automatically categorised in accordance to data classification tags!

Instantly gain complete visibility into your historical data

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Data E-Discovery

FULL Text Search

Data discovery on steroids, find the needle in the haystack. Search documents with FULL Text Search, boolean, phrase and keyword proximity searches, path and meta data filters. Meet many regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA and many other requirements, Organisations need to be able to find data quickly and with ease.

30+ Languages supported

In today's global world - many organisations are working across borders with offices in many geographically spread locations, speaking many different languages. processing documents in different languages. ShareArchiver supports many of the world languages e.g., German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and many more …

End-User Search

With each file meta-data including security and share permissions synchronised, LDAP users are able to login with their LDAP credentials and search across the archive and locate documents they have permissions to read and access, empowering users.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Fuzzy, pattern based, Boolean and wild card search makes ShareArchiver an incredible E-Discovery tool for your unstructured data, Whether you are looking for files based on keywords, paths, type, you can find data within seconds.

Compliance and Security


Audited Access to data by end user, whether access is through searching data or through File Server Virtual links, ALL access is audited and logged and can be reviewed by the data guardians, complying with data access regulations.

Audited logins

Compliance with regulatory bodies is a requirements for a lot of organisations especially in the financial and health related industries, user logins are audited and logged, even if they do not access any data.

Data Security at rest

Data encryption at rest with powerful 256 bit AES encryption. ensure data can always be securely stored and only accessed by personnel whom, are authorised to access data.

Data Encryption end-to-end!

Data encryption through our secure API supporting OAuth technology - and further data is encrypted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Data Compliance.

GDPR and HIPAA compliance dictate data is stored in an immuable form, with ShareArchiver, data is stored in an immutable form so you can trust ShareArchiver with your data integrity.

2FA supported secure logins.

ShareArchiver supports - 2FA logins, helping to secure data and ensuring user accounts in accordance with the highest industry level security protocols and procedures.

Trust & Data are Placed in Your Hands Every Day. Losing Either Isn’t an Option!

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Data Restore and Recovery

Ease of data navigation

ShareArchiver, replicates the source data folder structure - allows you to browse and navigate to the right folder/files, where certain actions can be performed. e.g. restoring/stubbing/indexing.

Granular level data restore

Using our built-in File Explorer - Simply navigate to the file/folder in the archive and then restore the files/folders to the file server with ease. The data can be restored to remote file server with ease delivering a power DR solution, that does not take hours or days to restore data.

Search and export bulk data

In order to meet with regulatory compliance or perhaps internal investigations - you may be required to Search and export data with ease. ShareArchiver makes this task an easy one to do.

Bulk data restore / Rehydrate

Whether you are looking at a single file or multiple TB's – restoring data back to the File Server is an easy process – and takes minutes.

Supported Various Business Roles

- Admins – for system administration.
- Data Guardian users, to receive audit trials and approve data deletion requests.
- End-user login and search for their own data with synchronised permissions according user and group level permissions.
- End-user login and search for their own data with synchronised permissions according user and group level permissions.
- Export search results and download data.

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