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Save up to 90% in storage costs, shrink backups, & enjoy 

zero impact on users.

file archive

Keep your organization efficient while managing large volume of data


Save up to 90% in Storage and Backup Cost

ShareArchiver automates data storage, backups and data access using intelligent policies.

server access

Access any Files Easily

Access any file directly without any interruption as if they were stored on your computer.

file search

Fast Search & E-discovery

Find quickly any file with our powerful filter by data, type, name, user and much more.

fast archiving

Intelligent & Fast Archiving

Activate any amount of older data in minutes with automated policies and intelligent AI.

optimize data analytics

Optimize data usage with Analytics

Understand and predict your organization data usage with powerful analytics to increase your savings.

server secure compliance

Secure and Compliant

We use Industry-leading 256-AES Encryption and SSL technologies to keep any volume of data secure. GDPR and HIPPA compliance.

Quick and Personalized Installation

On-Premise Solution

Download and deploy ShareArchiver virtual image within minute. The instalation is seamless, comes with complete LDAP integration and dedicated support.
  • Keep data in-house and in the cloud
  • No up-front cost and quick installation
  • Dedicated support
premise solution
cloud solution

Cloud solution

Get scalable, volume based SaaS pricing with hand-on support, and no up-front software costs.

  • Scalable and lower cost per-volume
  • Faster data backup
  • Restore quickly and safely data

Why we are better

global scalability

Global Scalability

If your organization operates internationally, ShareArchiver can easily manage multiple file server across geo-locations from one central application
server flexibility


ShareArchiver tools, file explorer and granular archive and restore functions give your organization the versatility to meet every requirement.
user friendly

Remote User Friendly

Our secure LDAP connectivity allows users to log in easily from anywhere and quickly have access to pertinent data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareArchiver?

ShareArchiver is a holistic file archiving and data storage solutions, designed to manage large volumes of data residing on file servers. The solution is easy to deploy and use. It offers seamless and integrated access to archived content through file stubs (ghost files which take up zero bytes).

How does it work?

ShareArchiver is deployed in the Cloud SAAS platform – or on-Prem as a standalone solution
On Prem solution is downloaded, and deployed as a virtual appliance in minutes.

Once deployed – you can start analyzing existing data and start archiving to a myriad of different local storage or Cloud endpoints, with no user impact.

What is file stubbing?

File stubbing is the process of moving old and rarely accessed data to the archive storage, the files are replaced by virtual (Ghost files) aka stub files. This results in a massive reduction in storage with no user impact. The stub file looks and feels like the original file, and on access, the stub file pulls the archived files from the archive storage and opens the file seamlessly

How much does it cost?

The cost for ShareArchiver will vary based upon your deployment. Cloud deployments are the most cost-effective way to offload your data to a secure archive, offering the same experience as an on-premise solution.

Is archiving disruptive to the end-users?

Not at all, once data is archived – users access data as they would do normally, compliance and HR may log in securely – and search the archive using FULL-TEXT Search for compliance or E-discovery requests.

What storage options are available? Can I use my own

ShareArchiver offers plug-and-play virtual appliances that you can download and install – user a network NAS storage endpoint – OR archive to Azure, Amazon S3, or other cloud providers like ThinkOn OR Wasabi.

What makes ShareArchiver different to other solutions

While there are many archiving solutions, ShareArchiver is very easy to deploy and use, it primarily works over the CIFS protocol so archiving and restoring data over the network is incredibly easy. its architecture lends itself to large cloud-scale deployments. offers high data resilience and addresses compliance and regulatory requirements, Coupled with an intuitive and easy to use interface makes ShareArchiver a great solution

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