File Server Storage Management Solution 

80% Primary Storage Reduction With Real-time data loss protection  & Business continuity.

ShareArchiver believes that file archiving and data management should be simple and cost-effective. That’s why we’ve built a solution designed with the user in mind. It’s simple to deploy and use, saves up to 90% of primary storage costs, and significantly reduces backup times. We can even manage unlimited file servers in a distributed environment with zero disruption to end users.
Just ask our thousands of users worldwide – they’ll say the same.

1000’s of Users Worldwide Love ShareArchiver

Our experience with ShareArchiver has been fabulous, ShareArchiver was able to provide us with a solution to decrease our file server size and reduce the volume by 65% and keep our file structure intact, moreover, it had no impact on our user's ability to access data.

Daniel Robinson, Storage Admin, ASHRAE Headquarters

Improve Data Accessibility while Reducing Storage Costs

ShareArchiver is a powerful all-in-one file archiving and management solution.

Lower Storage Costs & Optimize Backups!

Save up to 80% in storage space and reap the cost benefits with archive storage, along with optimized backups, data access, and analysis.

Ransomware Business continuity

With real-time data protection and business continuity, ShareArchiver offers real protection against data loss, and business continuity in case of ransomware attacks and disaster recovery.

Best in class Stubbing, No User Impact

Users have access to stubs (ghost files) for immediate access to data without migrating to a different
screen or view.

Comply with GDPR Compliance Regulations.

We deliver powerful E-Dsicovery and FULL Text search features supporting many languages for compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, and many other compliance regulations, search across your data for PII data and easily find files with in seconds.

Analyze and Visualize Your Data Usage

Analyze before you archive to understand your potential storage savings. Our powerful data
visualization and analytics help you visualize your organization’s data types and usage to create more
effective archiving policies.

Powerful File Search Allows Users To Always Find What They Need

Improve your data accessibility with our powerful FULL-TEXT (content) search functionality. Users can search through
millions of data points and easily find the files they need in the archive.

Cloud-Archive Storage

A flexible, secure, and cost effective solution for small and medium sized organizations, our cloud archive storage solution provides your organization with immutable, high performance hot storage. With scalable, volume-based Saas model pricing, user support and no up-front software costs, you can easily and securely manage your data from the cloud.

On-Premise Software Solution

For organizations required to keep data in-house or those looking for a custom solution, our software offers seamless installation, complete LDAP integration and dedicated support. Looking for a hybrid data archiving solution? You can also keep sensitive data in-house and push other data to the cloud.

Securely Built For Your Industry

Whether your organization manages petabytes of data, or holds sensitive data, ShareArchiver provides companies in your
industry with an all-in-one file archiving and management solution using industry-leading 256-AES encryption and SSL
technology for compliance requirements.

Automate Your Archive Storage With No User Impact

In 6 months Madison County has experienced a 30% reduction in back up times, or an 8-hour savings. Not only have we seen amazing results from using the software but also have had a wonderful support experience!

Paul Lutwak (CTO Madison County)

About ShareArchiver

Founded in 2013, ShareArchiver works with organizations worldwide to help them improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs and increase data security. Looking for more information about ShareArchiver? Contact us today:


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