Scalable & Cost-Efficient Data Storage
For Your Business

Save up to 90% in storage costs while enjoying quick and seamless file access throughout your organization.

More than 1,000 Businesses Worldwide use ShareArchiver 

Our experience with ShareArchiver has been fabulous, ShareArchiver was able to
provide us with a solution to decrease our file server size and reduce the volume
by 65% and keep our file structure intact, moreover, it had no impact on our
user’s ability to access data.”

Daniel Robinson, Storage Admin, ASHRAE Headquarters

Keep your organization efficient
while managing large volume of data

Save up to 90% in Storage and Backup Cost

ShareArchiver automates
data storage, backups and
data access using intelligent

Access any Files Easily

Access any file directly
without any interruption
as if they were stored
on your computer

Fast Search & E-discovery

Find quickly any file with our
powerful filter by data, type,
name, user and much more

Intelligent & Fast Archiving

Activate any amount of older
data in minutes with automated
policies and intelligent AI.

Optimize data usage with Analytics

Understand and predict your
organization data usage with
powerful analytics to increase
your savings.

Secure and Compliant

We use Industry-leading 256-AES
Encryption and SSL
technologies to keep
volume of data secure.
GDPR and HIPPA compliance.

Quick and Personalized Installation

On-Premise Solution

Download and deploy ShareArchiver virtual image within minute.
The instalation is seamless, comes with complete LDAP integration
and dedicated support.

  • Keep data in-house and in the cloud
  • No up-front  cost and quick installation
  • Dedicated support
Cloud solution

Get scalable, volume based SaaS pricing with hand-on support, and no up-front software costs.

  • Scalable and lower cost per-volume
  • Faster data backup
  • Restore quickly and safely data

Why we are better

Global Scalability

If your organization operates internationally, ShareArchiver can easily manage multiple file server across geo-locations from one central application


ShareArchiver tools, file explorer and granular archive and restore functions give your organization the versatility to meet every requirement.

Remote User Friendly

Our secure LDAP connectivity allows users to log in easily from anywhere and quickly have access to pertinent data

“In 6 months Madison County has experienced a 30% reduction
in back up times, or an 8-hour savings. Not only have we seen
amazing results from using the software but also have had
a wonderful support experience!”

Paul Lutwak (CTO
Madison County)