File Archiving Solution that delivers Seamless Storage management, E-discovery & Data Protection.




An industry leader in File Server data management solutions, Save up to 90% in storage costs, and shrink backups, with no user impact.

What ShareArchiver Has to Offer?

  • Pre Archive deep analysis of data helps with policy decisions.
  • Archive Data on NetApp, Amazon FSX & NAS devices
  • Archive Data on MS DFS Shares with transparent access.
  • FULL Text Search, Instant data discovery
  • Data Encryption and E-Discovery Compliance
  • Flexible data storage options , AWS, Azure, block storage.
  • Automatically categorize data for easier data management.
  • Reduce data bloat, optimize backups and restores.
  • Achieve RTO and RPO goals.
  • Archived files remain accessible through virtual files.
  • Optimize primary storage, and reduce costs.
  • Data privacy and security
  • Data security against ransomware.
file archive

How it Works?

step 1

Step 1

Sign up to Cloud Service OR download our on-prem VM Appliance
step 1

Step 2

Analyze your data, Learn data patterns
step 1

Step 3

Set effective policies & Start archiving.
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Step 4

Access data seamlessly

Data Archiving Best Suited for Your Needs

prem solution

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

  • Keep everything local.
  • Optimal performance, low TCO.
  • Scalable to 100’s TB/PB
  • LDAP and security integrated.
  • Low volume driven OPEX costs.
cloud solution

Cloud Archiving Solution

  • Scalable as your data grows
  • Accessible securely from anywhere
  • Hands-on support
  • Volume-based pricing
  • Low per-volume OPEX cost
file-archiving as a service

Archiving as a Service (AaaS)

  • Scalable as your data grows
  • Secure Cloud native archive solution.
  • Scalable and highly available 99.99999% uptime.
  • Secure encrypted SSL access
  • AES 256 data encryption at rest.
  • Hands-on support
  • Pay for what you archive
  • Low volume based price

A holistic end-to-end Archiving Software, for Storage and Data Management

data analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting

Generate in-depth reports and data visualizations export data via filters.

archive policies

Data Archiving

optimized data archiving on local and remote servers facilitating optimal network bandwidth.

immutable repository

Data Security

Protect your data from unauthorized access, malware/ransomware, and malicious threats, recover in minutes


Remote Data Management

Manage remote archiving through agents with ease from anywhere at any time.

robust policy engine

Robust Policy Engine

Create, copy, and deploy your archiving policies in seconds.

data e-discovery

Built-In E-Discovery

Find what you need in an instance with powerful filters and full-text searches – multiple languages supported. 

Instantly gain complete visibility into your historicized data

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Modernize your Data Archiving with us with the confidence, your data is safe!

analyse unstructured data

Optimized Disaster Recovery

Restore critical data without the bloat. Access and recover any file from the archive.

non-vendor lock-in chose own server

Regulatory Compliance

Get GDPR and HIPAA compliance straight out of the box.

user friendly

Easy on Your Wallet

ShareArchiver helps you reduce backup and storage costs by up to 90%.

fast archiving

Intelligent and Fast Archiving

Bring AI into action and activate bulk archived data in a matter of minutes.

ransomware protection

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

256-AES encryption and SSL technology to keep your data secure.

user friendly

Easy Data Access

Access data as if it’s stored on your computer – uninterrupted & hassle-free.

Our Customers Tell the Best Stories

Brad S.

IT Manager
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Kyle H.

Owner, Construction
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Ernic Jose V.

Inspector Electromecanico
Used the software for:
6-12 months

Mosab M.

IT Infrastructure Manager
Used the software for:
2+ years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareArchiver?

ShareArchiver is a complete archiving software that enables you to archive large data volumes. It’s available as a downloadable virtual appliance and as a cloud service.

How does it work?

It intelligently detects less frequently used data & files and replaces them with zero-size stubs while compressing and transferring the file data to network storage.

What are file stubs?

File stubs are virtual files of zero size that serve as access points to archived content. To end-users, they look and feel just like regular files. Created with ShareArchiver, data linked to file stubs are fully text searchable and are unarchived intelligently on demand.

How much does ShareArchiver cost?

ShareArchiver is delivered on a volume-based SaaS pricing. The greater the volumes the lower the price per TB/month. 

Is archiving disruptive to the end-users?

Not at all. ShareArchiver operates almost invisibly to end-users. They can search and access archived data through the same file names as before.

Can I use my own storage?

You can use any storage you like. With ShareArchiver virtual appliance, you can use your own network servers or third-party cloud storage, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, or any other.

Is the archiving disruptive to end-users?

ShareArchiver simplifies every aspect of archiving. By operating primarily over CIFS protocol, it makes archiving and restoring data over the network incredibly easy. What’s more, it comes with hands-on support at every step of your journey, from deployment to scaling up as your data grows and retaining archived data when needed.

Trust & Data are Placed in Your Hands Every Day.
Losing Either Isn’t an Option!

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