Disaster Recovery Software for Lightning Fast Data Restoring

Disaster Recovery (DR) offers a safety blanket in case disaster strikes and should be part of every organization’s survival strategy. Disasters happen: it’s not a question of if, but rather of when. It is important to have an effective disaster recovery plan and strategy for when things go wrong. The number one priority with disaster recovery solutions is to ensure business continuity OR at least a low RTO and RPO. This is where ShareArchiver’s Disaster Recovery Tools have a role to play.

When it comes to disaster recovery systems and DR processes, the number one goal is to ensure that the recovery is quick and seamless. It is, therefore, vital to optimize your data so that your time and focus can be on invested in restoring only critical data rather than restoring ALL, aged data that is not critical to business’s survival.

Optimize RPO (Recovery Point Objectives)

In a disaster situation, there is a direct impact of the volume of data on the amount of time it takes to restore data. It is critical to ensure the disaster recovery process is optimized for data that is crucial for business continuity. Our backup and disaster recovery software achieves this by moving aged data to a different storage layer or volume, leaving behind business-critical data and stubs to archived data compacting data volumes without affecting user access to data.

Optimize RTO (Recovery Time Objectives)

RPO has a direct impact on RTO. By optimizing RPO, you can ensure an optimized RTO. Time is crucial when a disaster strikes. The time to recovery has a huge impact on the ability to minimize the loss to the organization. Our disaster recovery technology ensures RPO and RTO optimization – Facilitating your access to archived data 24/7. Keep vital business operations in continuity by ensuring you have the right disaster recovery tools in place for your digital storage systems.

Ultimate backup and disaster recovery software

Archiving data optimizes storage, and shortens backup times. This is achieved without impacting users. Disaster Recovery Solutions enriches user ability to quickly access data through stubs, or search and locate data through the ShareArchiver search interface, boosting productivity, administrators can easily export and recover data to the original or other servers with ease.

Ultra-Quick Data Restoring Over LAN/WAN

One of the major obstacles in data recovery or restoring/migrating data is the volume of data over low bandwidth connections. Imagine restoring 500GB over a 1MB line. Our backup and disaster recovery software gives you the ability to make data available quickly by only exporting stubs. Users are able to download and access files on demand.

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