Data Archiving Software for Legal Consultants & Law Firms

The legal industry creates a huge amount of unstructured data in the form of legal documents contracts, case files, videos and audio content, and other litigation-related content, This data needs to be securely stored for long periods of time based on national and organizational compliance regulations.

These regulations also impose further demands on data accessibility ensuring that the data must be readily available at all times. For example, new legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect the way that organizations in the legal industry process, store and access data.

In an industry driven by regulations, data management, and accessibility becomes vital. ShareArchiver offers powerful search features, along with massive cost savings by moving older data files to lower-cost archive storage. This results in improved file accessibility and compliance while keeping data storage costs low.

How Our Data Archiving Software Benefits the Legal Industry

ShareArchiver works with organizations in the legal industry to meet the demands of data storage and management by:
Lowering overall costs related to data storage through file archiving
Leveraging data visualization and analysis to visualize data savings, helping to make informed decisions.
Providing a seamless data management, archiving and data retrieval system
Setting rules to automatically archive files that meet custom, organization-specific criteria
Freeing up time for the IT department to focus on other critical tasks
Storing data with industry-leading de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology.
Meeting the rigorous compliance standards of the legal industry
Improving the searchability of data through powerful e-discovery tools, search functionalities and much more

Manage Data Storage With Better Archiving

ShareArchiver is a powerful all-in-one file archiving and management solution. It is best suited for all healthcare data storage and accessibility needs.

Save up to 80% in storage space and reap the cost benefits with archive storage, along with improved data accessibility and analysis.

Save Precious Time With Automated Archiving

Set rules in the system to automatically archive files that meet custom, organization specific criteria.

Meet Compliance & Security Standards

Our data archiving software uses industry-leading de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology to protect your data from ransom-ware and keep sensitive data safe.

Powerful E-Discovery Tools & File Search

Improve your data accessibility with our powerful search functionalities. Users can search through millions of files and easily find and access the files they are seeking.

Custom Data Archiving & Storage Solutions for the Legal Industry

Whether it’s the cloud or on-premise deployment, ShareArchiver serves as a one-stop archiving solution to facilitate all your data management and storage needs.
Cloud-Archive Storage

ShareArchiver is a flexible, secure, and cost effective solution for small and medium sized law firms and independent consultants. Our cloud archiving solution provides your legal organization with immutable, high performance data storage systems. With scalable, volume-based SaaS model pricing, user support and no up-front software costs, you can easily and securely manage your data from the cloud.

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

For legal organizations that are required to keep store data for long term retention, our software offers seamless installation, complete LDAP integration and dedicated support. Looking for a hybrid data archiving solution? Archive legacy data to the cheaper storage with no impact to users. while keeping Active on production storage, Our E-Discovery and FULL TEXT search is particularly useful for the legal industry.

About ShareArchiver

Founded in 2013, ShareArchiver works with organizations worldwide to help them improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs and increase data security. Looking for more information about ShareArchiver? Contact us today:
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