Data Archiving Software for Healthcare Industry

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What Makes Us Well-Suited for the Healthcare Industry?

Delivers A Secure File Archiving And Data Retrieval System.
Leverages Data Visualization And Analysis To Visualize Data Savings Before Archiving.
Lowers Overall Costs Related To Data Storage.
Administrators Can Automate Archiving Based On Analytical Data.
Meets Rigorous Compliance Standards Like GDPR And HIPAA.
Allows Users To Store Data With Industry-Leading Deduplication And Compression. Our Solution Also Offers 256-AES Encryption And SSL Technology.
Improves The Searchability Of Data Through Powerful E-Discovery Tools.
Discover A High ROI With ShareArchiver, Free Up Time For The IT Department To Focus On Other Critical Tasks.

Tailored Archiving Excellence For Healthcare Needs

ShareArchiver is a powerful all-in-one Healthcare Data Archiving Solutions and management solution. It is best suited for all healthcare data storage and accessibility needs.

The robust 256-bit AES encryption deployed by healthcare data archiving solutions ensures that data is stored and stored with an encryption standard globally recognized for its impenetrability. This ensures healthcare organizations can rest easy knowing their patient records, legacy systems, and inactive records are safeguarded with the industry's most stringent encryption standards.

Rigorous Compliance Adherence

With data sensitivity at its peak, especially in the healthcare sector, ShareArchiver's healthcare data archiving solutions don't just promise but deliver on compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA. Whether it's record retention guidelines or the search for legacy data, healthcare organizations can lean on ShareArchiver's expertise.

Powerful E-Discovery Tools

ShareArchiver's E-Discovery tools are designed with this in mind. With built-in full-text search boolean operators, healthcare professionals can delve into extensive archives, extracting even the most elusive information. Whether accessing archived patient records or sifting through historical health systems, healthcare data archiving solutions ensure that relevant data is always at one's fingertips.

On-Prem Data Archiving

One of the standout features of ShareArchiver's on-prem healthcare data archiving solutions is its exceptional adaptability to diverse archiving environments. Recognizing that every healthcare organization's infrastructure varies, ShareArchiver offers flexible healthcare data archiving solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing data management ecosystems.

Storage Cost Efficiency

The ever-increasing influx of patient data, from electronic health records to lab reports, has invariably led to escalating storage costs for many healthcare organizations. ShareArchiver offers robust healthcare data archiving solutions that optimize data storage and do so economically. Its innovative archiving mechanisms can usher in a staggering 80% reduction in storage space. But the benefits aren't just monetary. By condensing storage and optimizing backup operations, the system inherently reduces the exposure window to threats like malware or data breaches.

Custom Healthcare Data Archiving Solution

Our data archiving software works for both cloud and on-premise deployment. ShareArchiver helps to facilitate all your data management and storage management needs.

Cloud-Archive Storage

ShareArchiver is a flexible, secure, cost-effective data archiving software for small and medium-sized organizations. Our cloud storage solution provides your organization with immutable, high-performance, and seamless data storage systems. You can securely manage your data from the cloud with scalable SaaS model pricing, user support, and no up-front software costs.

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

Are you looking for hybrid data archiving software? You can keep active data in-house and push legacy and old data to the cloud. Our data archiving software offers seamless installation and complete LDAP integration for user-based search results while best suited for multiple industries. Archive data to mixed storage environments and storage classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our software offers a seamless blend of efficiency and compliance, ensuring swift access to active and archived patient records while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

We’ve designed our software to recognize and address typical conversion issues faced by health systems, ensuring a seamless integration of new archiving solutions with existing legacy applications.

Absolutely. Our software ensures scalability, accommodating the growing volumes of medical records and ensuring that healthcare data storage solutions remain robust and future-ready.

Harnessing our archive solution, we stay abreast of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our built-in workflows and features are designed to meet and exceed the compliance regulations faced by healthcare providers.

Our strategic partnerships with cloud service providers aim to minimize ongoing costs. The combined advantages of off-site and on-site storage optimize operational costs and ensure a steady revenue stream.

About ShareArchiver

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