​Data Analytics Software for Active and Archived Data

With the massive increase in data volumes experienced by organizations from all industries. Understanding and managing information have become even more critical. This is especially true if efficient data archive policies are to be applied.

Knowing and understanding your data is crucial. So gaining insight into unstructured data is essential for ALL organizations. This is why ShareArchiver has developed specialist analytical tools to enable data visualizations.

Once storage admins determine and understand data patterns and how their storage is consumed. Creating the correct and most effective policies becomes a trivial and easy task. Our data analytics software does ALL the heavy lifting so you can easily manage storage.

​Our Data Analytics Software Helps You With

Understanding Data Patterns

Understand what file types are consuming resources and the rate of increase year on year. Visually compare data type and size by volume. This information allows a better knowledge of how much data can be archived. Also, storage volume reclaimed back ahead of any archiving policy is a real advantage.

Implement Effective Archive Policies

From the data analysis, administrators can quickly determine the type of archive jobs that would be most suitable. Finally, the data is moved to an archive repository or Cloud target, leaving behind stub files for transparent access.

Data Security

Nowadays, organizations have confidential data of their clients, employees, and internal information. This data can be a risk due to data breaches and cyberattacks and can mean massive fines from regulatory bodies, e.g. GDPR and HIPAA.
We at ShareArchiver ensure that your data is kept secure from all cyberattacks. We have a system that provides top-notch cybersecurity. Which protects all your data from malware and ransomware when implemented properly.

Data Management

We aim to provide our customers with the most flexible data management. With our Data analytics software , we made archiving and backup of data more accessible. In addition, your data is stored at a remote location in our cloud. Which reduces the need for expensive hardware devices.

Data Visualization

We offer the most interactive data visualization to our clients. The graphical representation of information makes understanding the most complex topics easier. As a result, smoothness and ease of understanding critical tasks help our users.

Disaster Recovery

Avoiding data loss during a disaster is essential for any business. We aim to optimize disaster recovery to ensure our clients continue their business faster. In an uncertain catastrophe, we have designed the best contingency plan. Whenever a disaster occurs, we transfer the old data to the archive to a safer platform so that your data remains unharmed. The more relevant data at present is to stand on hold so that it doesn’t get lost.


Our Data analytics software makes E-Discovery easy and smooth for organizations. Searching through data can be time-consuming, but with ShareArchiver, not anymore. We make searching for data easier, so businesses can quickly transfer data and information to their customers.
Time is money, and we mean it. We aim to optimize time management by making the most time-consuming activities finish off more quickly. So that your business has the edge over your competitors.

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