Data Archiving Software for Growing Businesses

Chances are, 80% of your “active” data is actually old or rarely accessed. As more data is generated at a faster pace, your primary storage costs increase while backups become more time-consuming.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

ShareArchiver allows you to visualize and understand your data as it grows, so you can find ways to reduce these costs and speed up backup times with no impact to the end-user.

We’ve made it as simple as the click of a button to analyze all your unstructured data and implement the most effective archive policies for your organization. Our Data Archiving software makes it easier than ever to manage all your file servers from one central portal and optimize storage across your file servers to reclaim as much as 80% of storage-saving costs while optimizing your backups.

We also offer the added benefit of being HIPAA and GDPR compliant, with a powerful e-discovery engine and protection against ransomware.

data archiving solution

The Challenge

Manage Large Amounts of Data and Out Of Control Storage Costs

The Solution

Reduce Data Storage & Costs, with NO Impact To Users

ShareArchiver meets these challenges by working with organizations worldwide to help them improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs and increase data security.

Our Data Archiving Software offers simple integration with current systems, frees up valuable storage space, and provides a powerful search functionality with stub files for seamless data access and zero user impact. Available as a cloud-based file archive solution or an on-premise deployment.

  • Access critical data analytics and visualizations.
  • Reduce data storage and costs by up to 80%.
  • Set rules in the system to automatically archive files that meet custom, organization-specific or departmental criteria.
  • Access documents in one place via stub files.
  • Store data with industry-leading de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology.
  • Meet the compliance standards of your industry.
  • Free up time for your IT department.
  • Allow for greater business continuity and disaster recovery.

Quick and Personalized Installation

Whether it’s cloud or on-premise deployment, Our Data Archiving Solution meets your organization’s unique data management and storage needs

Cloud Based Data Archiving Solution

Get scalable, volume based SaaS pricing with hand-on support, and no up-front software costs.

  • Scalable and lower cost per-volume
  • Faster data backup
  • Restore quickly and safely data
cloud solution
premise solution

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

Download and deploy ShareArchiver virtual image within a minute. The installation is seamless, comes with complete LDAP integration and dedicated support.

  • Keep data in-house and in the cloud
  • No up-front cost and quick installation
  • Dedicated support

We Provide Custom Data Archiving Solutions For Your Industry

Whether your organization manages petabytes of data or holds sensitive data, Our Data Archiving Software serves as an all-in-one file archiving and management solution using industry-leading 256-AES encryption and SSL technology for compliance requirements. See how we work with organizations in your industry.


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