Website Archive Software For Growing Businesses

Primary storage costs increase while backups become more time-consuming. Website Archive Software is an excellent solution that allows businesses to reduce storage costs and spend less time on backups.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

ShareArchiver allows you to visualize and understand your data as it grows. As a result, you can find ways to reduce these costs and speed up backup times without impacting the end user.

We’ve made it as simple as clicking a button to analyze all your unstructured data. Then, install the most effective archive policies for your organization. 


Also, our Data Archiving software makes managing all your file servers easier. From one central portal, optimize storage across your file servers. 


Reclaim as much as 80% of storage-saving costs while optimizing your backups. We also offer the added benefit of being HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, a powerful e-discovery engine, and protection against ransomware.

The Challenge

Manage Data security, backup, and disaster recovery at a cost-effective price point without impacting users.

The Solution

Data security, with immutable data objects, through cost-effective archiving, reduces storage and costs.

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ShareArchiver meets these challenges by working with organizations worldwide. We help them improve data accessibility, reduce storage costs, and increase data security.

ShareArchiver’s Website Archive Software offers simple integration with current systems, which frees up valuable storage space—providing powerful search functionality. 


With stub files for seamless data access and zero user impact. Available as a cloud-based file archive solution or an on-premise deployment.

Access Critical Data Analytics And Visualizations.
Reduce Data Storage And Costs By Up To 80%.
Set Rules In The System To Archive Files That Meet Customs. With Organization-Specific Or Departmental Criteria.
Access Documents In One Place Via Stub Files.
Store Data With Industry-Leading De-Duplication, Compression, 256-AES Encryption, And SSL Technology.
Meet The Compliance Standards Of Your Industry.
Free Up Time For Your IT Department.
Allow For More Excellent Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery.

Quick and Personalized

Whether in the cloud or on-premise deployment. ShareArchiver has a solution to meet all your data management and storage needs. We have helped many businesses, and yours could be next.

Cloud-Based Website Archive Software

Get scalable, volume-based SaaS pricing with hands-on support and no up-front software costs.

Scalable And Lower Cost Per-Volume
Faster Data Backup
Restore Quickly And Safely Data

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

Download and deploy the ShareArchiver virtual image within a minute. The installation is seamless and comes with complete LDAP integration and dedicated support.

Keep Data In-House And In The Cloud
No Up-Front Cost And Quick Installation
Dedicated Support

We Provide Custom Website Archive Software For Your Industry

Whether your organization manages petabytes of data or holds sensitive data, ShareArchive’s Website Archive Software provides companies in your industry with all-in-one file archiving. 

Along with management solutions using industry-leading 256-AES. Also, encryption and SSL technology for compliance requirements. See how we work with organizations in your industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Website Archive Software is a tool that allows users to save and store versions of websites, ensuring content’s permanent preservation. This is essential for future generations to access and view older versions of modern websites.

Social Media Archiving is a subset of Website Archive Software designed to capture and store dynamic content from social media platforms. This ensures that even private content or deleted posts can be accessed for reference.

A broad range of archived websites provides a comprehensive view of the internet’s evolution. From the United States to other parts of the world, having a centralized collection of websites is crucial to understanding global digital trends.

ShareArchiver’s Website Archive Software offers a unique blend of features, ensuring content permanent preservation. Its custom archiving capabilities allow users to tailor their archiving solution suitable for modern websites and social media platforms.

Knowing that your website or social media content is safely archived provides peace of mind. Whether for legal compliance, historical reference, or preserving content for future generations, an archiving solution suitable for your needs ensures your data’s longevity.

There are several cool web archiving projects, like the Internet Archive. Tools like Archivebox offer methods such as the Wget Extractor Method, ensuring a collection of various internet content over time, including private and social media conten

ShareArchiver’s Website Archive Software integrates social media archiving, capturing dynamic content from various platforms. This ensures even private content from social media is archived

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