Robust GovernmentArchiving Solution

ShareArchiver is an all-around government archiving solution to help government organizations streamline their data security and archiving. Get on this fantastic, cost-effective data management software to increase storage capacity and data security. Long-term retention of data is key to better data governance and data security. 

ShareArchiver’s government archiving solution will allow you to access, restore, and search for data while cutting operational costs.

Secure Data Archiving & Data Management Solutions For Government Organizations

Seamless Data Management, Data Retrieval, And Data Archiving Process.

Leverages Data Visualization And Pre-Saving Data Analysis.

Improves Data Navigation Through Powerful Full-Text Search

Set Custom Organization-Specific Criteria For Access To Ensure Data Safety.

Reduces The Burden Of Your Organization's IT Department While Improving Their Focus.

Reduced Overall Data Storage Costs

Meets All Legal Compliance Standards

Store Data With Industry-Leading Deduplication, Compression, 256-AES Encryption, And SSL Technology

Cost-Effective Data Storage Solutions

ShareArchiver is a robust all-in-one file archiving and management solution ideal for government enterprises. 

Analyze and Visualize Your Data Usage

Create an informed data archiving strategy using our data visualization tool. Through robust data analysis, you can categorize various data more efficiently and prepare the best strategy for efficient data storage and security.

Integrate With Myriad Systems

ShareArchiver is dependable and easily integrated. Data archiving software that can help you manage multiple file servers at hand from a centralized portal.

No User Impact

Users can use stubs virtual files left in place of original files to gain rapid access to data seamlessly. Ensure the security of your data with our data governance features.

Lower Costs With Archive Storage

Save up to ~ 80% in storage space and reap the cost benefits with archive storage and improved data accessibility and analysis, Lower backup costs, and backup time.

Powerful E-Discovery Tools

ShareArchiver E-Discovery feature delivers a powerful and easy search interface with our robust search tool; you can improve the accessibility of your data. Search through millions of files in sub-second time frames.

What Our Government Archiving Solution Has To Offer

ShareArchiver is one of the best government archiving solutions needing on-prem or cloud storage for data archiving and management.

Cloud-Archiving Solutio

A versatile, secure, and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our cloud archiving service provides immutable, high-performance storage to public-sector companies.
Securely manage your data with ease using cloud-scalable software solutions, volume-based SaaS model pricing, user support, disaster recovery, and no up-front software costs.

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

Our platform provides smooth installation, unified LDAP integration, and dedicated support for government agencies and departments that deal with sensitive data and need custom in-house storage solutions.
Archive to local storage or the cloud and seamlessly manage your data easily, a robust solution to address your data management concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A government archiving solution is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Government Agencies and Government Bodies to efficiently store, manage, and retrieve electronic records, including electronic communication, social media content, and more. This ensures compliance with regulatory compliance and public records laws.

Government Agencies handle a wide range of electronic records, from email communications to social media messages. An archiving solution ensures that these records are stored securely, are easily accessible for public records requests, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Modern government archiving solutions offer social media archiving capabilities. They can capture, archive, and monitor content from various social media platforms, ensuring that social media communication from Government Social accounts remains transparent and adheres to public records laws.

Many government archiving solutions can capture real-time electronic communication, including instant messages, mobile text messages, and communications from collaboration platforms, ensuring a comprehensive archiving approach.

Government archiving solutions often have built-in tools for secure access, digital signatures, and protection storage. This ensures that records remain tamper-proof and maintain their evidentiary quality.

Absolutely. These solutions often feature advanced search capabilities, allowing government workers and officials rapid access to specific records ensuring efficient responses to public records requests or eDiscovery requests.

Yes, in addition to social media archiving, many solutions also provide email archiving solutions. They can capture content from email platforms, ensuring that email records are stored in compliance with regulations and are easily retrievable.

For the public sector, these solutions promote government transparency, ensure compliance with public sector organizations’ legal requirements, and foster trust among everyday citizens. They also provide a streamlined approach to managing and accessing various electronic records, from social channels to traditional electronic files.