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Corporations are faced with many challenges associated with managing large volumes of data, as data volumes increase so does the total cost of ownership. Disaster Recovery or the effect of large data volumes on DR processes are another reason why data archiving is being adopted by organizations across all industries.

ShareArchiver offers an integrated data storage software, which moves aged data (defined by admin policies) to cheaper secondary storage OR user defines Cloud storage e.g Azure Blob or Amazon S3 Storage.

Data selection is driven by policies created by administrators and that in turn is driven by in-place data analytics. Once data is archived and replaced by virtual files (stubs) users continue to enjoy zero impact on data access.

Looking for that “needle in the haystack”? Our powerful e-discovery search interface helps you find data instantly.

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Why Businesses Need a Data Storage Solution

Organizations may retain unstructured data for longer periods of time for varying reasons either due to compliance and regulation or due to business needs. Retaining data requires more storage which translates to higher storage costs. It Is estimated some organizations are spending as much as 50% of their budget on storage alone, Storage management is, therefore, a key requirement to keep costs low and to ensure efficient storage and DR processes.

ShareArchiver is a holistic data storage solution​, the platform allows storage administrators to define archive policies, which move data needed for long-term retention to long-term cheaper storage, multiple storage endpoints may be defined for data with different business value, e.g. important data may be moved to T2, while less critical files may be moved to the T3 storage layer. Archived data is replaced with a placeholder file aka “stub file(Ghost File)” for seamless end-user access.


How Our Data Storage Software Works



ShareArchiver offers an integrated analytical engine, which helps with understanding data incredibly easy – first you may analyze data to get a thorough understanding of type and age of data on your file servers. This step is also known as “Data Visualization” and it allows you to clearly understand the data and give you a visual representation of the data.


    Define Policies

    Following the analysis phase, you can now make an informed decision and define effective policies to filter and move target data to a central repository, where any storage e.g. NAS/SAS or otherwise cheaper storage may be utilized for archive storage purposes.


    Archive & Optimize Storage

    Once policies are created, you can start defining archiving processes or simply schedule archiving process to run at designated times. Data that is archived and moved, is replaced with a placeholder file called a stubs file which looks and feels like the original file and on accessing the stub, the file is opened seamlessly to the user.

    Benefits of Using Our Data Storage Solution

    The main challenge facing organizations today with the growth of unstructured data is an effective data and storage management strategy, there is a requirement to ensure continuous data access for users, cost-effective storage usage, and an efficient DR strategy, while at the same time lowering costs. These challenges are all underpinned by data and how it is managed. The main benefit of archiving using ShareArchiver is to streamline data, utilize a better DR strategy and reduce overall storage on your file servers, which gives the following main benefits.

    • Lowers storage costs, using inline de-duplication technology
    • Shorten backup and restore time
    • Better Server performance
    • Compliance and Security
    • FULL-TEXT E-discovery Search

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