A Guide to Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

It’s important to have a data backup and recovery plan in place. It ensures that your construction company will be able to return to normal operations in the event of significant data loss. But there’s a difference between getting back up and running and doing so in a way that minimizes downtime and maximizes the speed of recovery.

Construction companies are challenged by the need to back up and recover information for everyone from corporate office staff members to engineers and supervisors located in remote locations. All of your personnel need access to their information as quickly as possible. Files often range from moderate to enormous. Bottom line is – your data is complex and requires regular backups.

Disaster recovery plans require the ability to quickly recover larger files that operate on specialized applications, possibly with custom configurations.  You need more than the ability to download from a backed up version. You also need to maintain the integrity of your data.

Here’s a guide to data backup and recovery specifically for construction companies with these needs.

Systems that Accommodate Diverse Files

Construction companies need data backup and recovery systems that can easily integrate with their existing software and hardware. When your backup and recovery works with all of your tools and systems that means it works without requiring the need for more investment in hardware.

Is that true of your backup and recovery software today?

If not, try backing up both your files and the software that can read them to the cloud. By establishing a backup plan that includes this critical step, you can save valuable time setting up your software after your files have been restored. By providing yourself with the ability to run your applications in the cloud, your data becomes available immediately.

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Web-Based Access to Backed up Files

Your construction company has diverse needs. You likely have employees in a multiplicity of locations. From your office staff to your engineers, from your project managers to owners, it is important that your data backup system is able to quickly put everybody back in touch with the information that they need. The most effective way to do this is with a cloud-based system that allows you to share drives. That way, anyone who has authorization to see files as soon as they are able to get back online can do so easily. The more cumbersome and inaccessible your backup system, the longer your business is down. That means the less able you are to respond to your customers’ needs.

Reliable Backup and Recovery Systems

The best way for your construction company to prepare for the eventuality of a data loss is by creating a data backup and recovery plan. This allows you to recover your database quickly and reliably, from wherever it is needed.

Additional benefits are provided with our data management system’s automatic de-duplication process. It minimizes the amount of storage space that is needed to improve productivity and system performance. You’ll have minimized downtime, ensuring that your data is protected and accessible. This gives you peace of mind and saves your construction company valuable resources year-round.