How to Securely Backup and Store Your Retail Files

Securely Backup and Store Your Retail Files

Retail files need to be stored and backed up securely. They help engineer retail marketing campaigns around actionable insights. Files that contain data on past purchases, social media responses, customer location and more can all help with these objectives. But there is more to your retail data than just messaging.

The information you collect can also improve the efficiency of your supply chain and core operations. It helps you optimize retail pricing and staff scheduling, for example. Safely storing and backing up retail files ensures that you are compliant with federal and state regulations. It also enables the careful analysis of data that can assist you in every area of your retail operation. From competitor sales alerts to fraud prevention, this data is invaluable. It is essential that you know how to securely backup and store all of your retail files for these reasons.

The Importance of Backup & Recovery

The best protection against disasters of all kinds is a well-planned DR plan. This approach to the backup and recovery of retail files is proactive. Rather than react to a disaster, it provides risk management planning complete with automated backups. This minimizes your file storage needs and costs, including offsite storage, online backup, and quick data restoration.

One of the most efficient methods of data backup and recovery is a hybrid solution that fully integrates with your existing system and combines both offsite tape storage and cloud storage. This allows you to keep the short-term information that you are more likely to access frequently more readily accessible. It also moves the data that requires longer-term storage to less costly tape storage that keeps your retail organization compliant.

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The Reduction of File Recovery Time

When selecting the correct backup and storage strategy for your retail organization, you must choose a combination that is appropriate to your needs. It must also be able to accommodate the volume of your data and your budget. By choosing a system that automatically moves aged data to a different storage layer, you eliminate a lot of unnecessary time and expenses in the recovery of valuable information. The faster you are able to return information to your end users, the greater your productivity.

The Security of Retail Files

Compliance requirements are becoming more extensive every day. Your retail organization must be able to retain information both securely and for an extended period of time. The best way to secure your retail files is to ensure that it is transferred via secure SSL connections and encrypted channels. It must also be accessible only to those who have appropriate permissions to access it.

ShareArchiver’s backup and recovery systems have your security and storage needs covered. We deliver the highest efficiency, compliance, and security for retail file storage. Our scalable, cost effective system ensures your retail business’ continuity and productivity by restoring your mission critical data quickly. It also provides compliance and security through secure and inexpensive aged data storage.

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