Lower Construction Data Storage Costs in 3 Simple Steps

Lower Construction Data Storage Costs

Construction data storage costs have been on the rise. With revenue generation and cost savings as key focus areas, it’s easy to run off the rails. After all, there is so much information to track and utilize.

From the estimating/pre-construction process to reconciliation of sub bids, from tracking subcontractor input to analyzing historical spec rates, you need a way to improve your back-office integration that gives you immediate access to customer, product and reference data.

Storing all of your valuable information in a way that still leaves it accessible may sound like a formula for adding to your costs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Lowering your construction data storage costs is a project that can result in direct and indirect savings.

Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Retire older storage systems.

Your traditional data storage methods may represent a big investment, but they are also slowing down your ability to get the job done. They are probably costing you more to maintain then makes sense.

Try migrating your data to a modern, more efficient high-capacity storage system. This is going to give you the opportunity to boost productivity, all without having to train your staff or interrupt your business’ work flow. It’s cheaper to maintain and can save you a fortune in the long run.

2. Reduce your data center’s footprint.

Through data de-duplication, compression and replication you can significantly reduce data storage costs. By mobilizing an advanced technology data storage appliance, you are able to support an enormous and rapidly growing quantity of data while reducing the amount of storage that you need.

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 This brings storage costs way down. Many construction companies that have made this leap have experienced astonishing data reduction ratios – some as high as 15:1 – and the process can be completed at the source of the backup, thus alleviating the added burden on network traffic.

3. Improve your information life-cycle management.

Your construction business is holding on to a lot of data. From old bids to project leads, contact information on owners and architects, suppliers and engineers – it adds up to high storage costs and a lot of old or unused data that you have to pay to maintain.

Some of this remains valuable, but not all of it. If you’re paying too much to store information you’re no longer using, consider a tiered data storage system that automatically manages the process of moving data.

A data storage management system can provide you with analytics of your data usage and allow you to set protocols for moving lesser-used data to less-expensive storage. It frees up room for more valuable information and allows your system to operate with greater productivity.

ShareArchiver’s file archiving solution offers your construction company the ability to lower data storage costs. It moves old data to cheaper storage while at the same time minimizing the amount of storage that you need. Your information is de-duplicated and compressed and will therefore be more readily accessible. Your system will operate with greater efficiency – and at a much reduced cost.

For more information on how we can improve your data storage management system, contact us today.

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