Best Practices for Backing Up Media & Gaming Files

Best Practices for Media and Gaming File Backups

To gaming companies, 24/7 data access as well as secure disaster recovery is critical. Though data back-up is an essential component of operational integrity for businesses of all types, for the gaming industry it is probably the most important. Following best practices for backing up gaming files could be considered a matter of survival. This is because, unlike typical machine-generated data in a database which can often be reproduced more cost effectively than it can be backed up and recovered, reproducing gaming and media files is generally cost prohibitive.

Recovering media and gaming files is far more complex than simple image-based replications. This has led to long and laborious practices geared exclusively towards protecting gaming data.

Here are some best practices for backing up your media and gaming files that have the right balance of both capacity and performance.

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5 Ways File Archiving Can Save Your Company Hundreds Each Year

5 ways file archiving can save your company hundreds

There are a number of important benefits that a smart, state-of-the-art file archiving can offer your company. It increases the amount of storage space you have available, thus reducing the need to purchase more. It helps company management oversight, allowing for greater control of access to proprietary information. It facilitates e-discovery and preserves content that might be needed for legal proceedings. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Here are 5 ways file archiving can do all of that while also saving your company hundreds of dollars each year.

It’s true that maintaining your company’s rapidly growing data may be considered a necessary cost of doing business. That does not mean, however, that you cannot do so affordably. When you implement a file archiving system that improves your organizational efficiency, you are able to realize dramatic cost savings. You are thus conducting business as usual at a lower cost yet higher level of efficiency.

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3 Ways File Archiving Reduces Gaming Data Storage Costs

Reduce Gaming Data Storage Costs

Are you spending a fortune to store your gaming data?

In the United States alone, gaming generates over $20 billion in revenue. This number is only expected to grow as social games gain more popularity. Since communications companies like AT&T and Verizon are moving into offering unlimited data plans once again, which will also lead to spikes in gaming data usage. The more game players sign on, the more opportunity exists for generating revenue. This means more games, and as a result, more gaming data. Yet, this is only the case when the customer gaming experience is excellent and they are truly engaged.

One of the keys to improving your customer experience lies in taking advantage of the data that is generated. The more information you have about your customers, the more you can adapt your company to make it more appealing and realize higher conversions. Also, the more efficient your servers are, the better performance is. This leads to higher usage rates and more loyal customers long-term.

Too often, gaming companies answer the need for increased data storage by adding to their existing systems. There is, however, a significant opportunity for your company to improve system performance. With each new add-on comes backup requirements as well as expenses involved in the increased workload and added complexity.

Here are 3 ways that having an efficient file archiving system can reduce gaming data storage costs.

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Retail File Archiving: A Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Data Storage

Retail File Archiving

Your retail business has always relied on data, but not like it does today. The amount of information that you rely on for your day-to-day business operations has exploded. This drives your business (and can cost a fortune)!

With so much retail data now at hand, you can no longer rely on slow, unwieldy, and expensive traditional data storage. Your best alternative is cost effective retail file archiving.

Here’s how retail file archiving can save on costs and performance slow-downs.

The Disadvantages of Legacy Archiving

The old method of traditional tape-based archiving may have made sense once, but not any longer. Though it may be relatively inexpensive to send your archive tapes to off-site storage, retrieval is time consuming. It requires that you maintain the original equipment and applications that created the tapes in order to restore data. There is a risk of the media itself losing its integrity as a result of age.

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