The New Construction Productivity Paradigm

New Construction Productivity Paradigm

Are you feeling the pressure to be more productive?

Over the last several years, construction companies have really struggled with productivity. Their ability to get more done through more traditional approaches to efficiency has provided smaller and smaller returns, leaving them struggling for ways to do more with less.

Your answer is simple. By adopting a new construction productivity paradigm that allows you to cut costs while increasing output, you’re able to make changes to internal processes quickly and with ease. This provides your employees with more time to get their jobs done by eliminating roadblocks to efficiency and providing them with access to information wherever and whenever it is needed.

For the construction industry, one of the best ways to accomplish better productivity is through streamlining document and data management. This comes from having a more agile data management solution.

The Construction Industry is Flooded with Documents

The digital age was supposed to put an end to unnecessary documentation. A recent study shows that it has actually added about 40% more for us to track and manage. Is your construction company is buried under customer contracts, receipts, and expense reports – never mind blueprints, contractor invoices, and bills? If it is, valuable time that could be spent on estimating and bidding is likely lost on storing, finding, and using this information.

Even those businesses that take the time to store their documents digitally are losing efficiency. You need a cloud-based storage system that allows integrated collaboration and data security.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based Document Storage System for Construction

A cloud-based document storage system offers the ability to quickly recover any data that is lost to a system crash. It also provides all authorized users the ability to access and share project information from wherever they are, whenever it is needed.

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Whether you, your clients, a dispatcher, or an estimator needs access to data, you’re covered. You are better able to manage and complete a construction project with less waste. For an industry that is so focused on being on-site, a cloud-based system is perfect. It provides enhanced agility and efficiency through immediate access to whatever documents are needed.

Want Immediate Increases in Efficiency?

Your employees need access a wide range of documents fast. They also need intuitive e-discovery for intelligent keyword search that allows them to find information easily and quickly.

Whether you need to access client contracts, contact information, purchase receipts or insurance information, it is all immediately available with ShareArchiver. Your internal business operations departments will also enjoy the benefits of an integrated and streamlined data management system. Efficiency will improve. Users will spend less time tracking down documents and more time building your business.

Stop paying so much for data storage and slow systems and backups. Contact us today for a free trial, and see why so many construction companies have migrated to ShareArchiver for better productivity and data storage management.