File Archiving Software With Easy Archiving Policies For Management

For many companies, the problem of finding an efficient way to manage and organize essential files and juggle with storage can create headaches and unnecessary expenses. A file and storage management protocol that is poorly planned can lead to a company needing to unnecessarily spend more money and expend more time on efforts to retrieve essential information, diverting funds needed for growth to backward-looking activities.

The answer lies in creating a business environment in which an archiving software system is so efficient and so successful that it shifts documents away from expensive storage devices, using file server archiving software programmed with established protocols to save space and still allow files to be retrieved instantaneously and transparently to the users. An effective file archiving solution will remove files from the storage that costs and moves them to another location that is less costly. It frees up space, leaving behind a stub file that takes up little space but provides seamless access to all users that have permissions to access keeping in check security protocols. It makes storage of little-used data manageable, cutting costs while still providing efficiencies that likely exceed that of your current system.

file archiving system

Adding a file server archiving solution to your current corporate data management domain offers a number of important advantages. It provides management with the ability to continue to view files and organize them according to which server they originated on, who created the file, and what its size, type, and name are. It will free up your existing servers to allow up to 80 percent more space, all while reducing the costs that had previously been a required storage expenditure. And the time required to back up files, and retrieve them, will be dramatically reduced resulting in an efficient disaster recovery process.

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File Archiving Software

As a company grows, so does its unstructured data and files, its customer base, and its staff. Correspondingly, so does the cost of storing data on its servers and its backup times. This translates into a dramatically increased total cost of ownership as companies need to store, protect and manage their data. Inefficiencies in this process are best addressed with file archiver software that improves disaster recovery responses and enables more data to be stored.

By being smarter about file storage, moving old data from expensive storage to less expensive options, you expand on the useful life of your system while increasing efficiencies in access to essential data. For more information on ShareArchiver’s file server archiving software, contact us to set up an appointment.