Enterprise File Archiving Solutions By ShareArchiver

Today’s businesses face challenges that were unseen before the arrival of big data. Documents that were once stored in hard copy and that needed to be retrieved manually now quickly build up on servers, exhausting productivity while costing enormous financial resources. With data experts estimating that roughly 80 percent of a business’ data sits idle while it occupies valuable space, it has become increasingly clear that there is a need for a better solution that moves seldom-used data to a cheaper storage medium, while at the same time allowing it to be retrieved easily in order to address the needs of e-discovery and compliance. The answer to the problem lies in identifying an effective enterprise file archiving solution.

Enterprise file archiving appliances provide organizations of all sizes with the ability to maintain on-premise data storage at a reduced rate, while still allowing the data to be readily available. The advantages of choosing the ShareArchiver’s enterprise file archiving software is that it addresses all of the organization’s many needs, including:

Storage management through an efficient file stubbing process.This technology allows users seamless and immediate access to stubs that appear no different from the original document but which actually take up far less storage space. The use of file stubbing allows roughly 90% of data on primary storage to be eliminated and deduplicated.

The ShareArchiver enterprise file server archiving appliance makes it possible for all data to be kept on a centralized repository where documents can easily and efficiently be searched.

Controlling the security of internal and external documents is an essential aspect of all document storage, and ShareArchiver’s system enables management complete control of end-user access and whether certain documents will be available to users without the appropriate privileges.

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By archiving seldom-used data, our enterprise file archiving solution allows production environments to minimize their downtime – should a crash occur, data recovery can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time.

The ShareArchiver enterprise file archiving appliance provides end users with the ability to search for and retrieve documents as seamlessly as if they were stored on their own desktop or laptop. The system eliminates the problem of time lost searching for misplaced or misfiled documents, as well as the need for exact file names or directory information. The search capabilities are intuitive, enhancing enterprise productivity.

Enterprise file archiving solutions are only as effective as the abilities that they provide, and that’s why ShareArchiver has made policy-based archiving a priority. Organizations are allowed to establish their own policies and are provided with valuable tools that provide them with the ability to analyze and produce reports regarding data usage and storage. Modifying policies is easily accomplished.

The ease of search and retrieval provided by ShareArchiver means that it offers enterprises with a solution that allows them to remain in compliance with regulatory bodies, as well as enabling E-discovery. It provides complete metadata that may be required for litigation or compliance purposes.

One of the most cost-effective benefits of adding an enterprise file archiving solution is the elimination of long backup times. Once data has been archived, the volume of information that requires backup will be substantially reduced.

ShareArchiver’s enterprise file archiving solution offers your business the opportunity to meet all of its data retrieval needs, reduce storage expenses and improve efficiency. Call our representative today for more information on how it would benefit your organization.

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