Next Generation File Archive Appliance Available in Market

File Archive Appliance

Today’s data storage needs are being driven by the explosion in unstructured information. These unstructured files may be PDFs, videos, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, and as new technology continues to be introduced, the need for high volume storage will continue to expand – in fact it has been estimated that unstructured data will make up 80% of our storage needs, and will be quantified in Zettabytes within the next five years. Though many think of the need for file archiving as being strictly for compliance purposes, having an effective file archive appliance also makes sense – and may even be the goal – for data storage management. A data archive appliance that optimizes storage space and capacity can be a cost-effective strategy as long that has the added benefit of optimizing performance, reducing data backup and enabling disaster recovery. Choosing the right file archive appliance tool for your business is a matter of understanding what your organization’s needs are and finding one that accomplishes your goals while also making the most of your budget.

The most popular and cost-effective answer to the issue of data growth has been for companies to take a new approach to an old problem. Where storage management was once thought of in terms of primary storage, backup and archive, today’s fast-based environment demands that data that is needed immediately is kept immediately accessible while a file archive appliance makes the archived data seem to be just as active while in reality stored via an appliance whose software creates a primary copy that has been moved to a lower cost system. Users are able to access the data seamlessly, with no detectable difference in accessibility between data stored on primary storage and that which the data archive appliance has moved to a lower storage cost solution, the cost is much lower for management, and has the advantage of high speed, high performance, compression of massive data volumes, and complete scalability.

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For businesses of all types and sizes, a file archiving appliance can improve performance while reducing costs and storage needs. Almost every type of data is a candidate for file archiving, which can make a dramatic difference whether your files are currently being kept on a network of laptops, desktops, workstations, or multiple servers. By using an archiving appliance that is bundled with software, you are able to be strategic in the way that files are tiered. Protocols can be put in place that is based on the frequency or last time that a file was accessed or used, and dramatic savings can be achieved. Having ShareArchiver’s file archive appliance in place in your organization means that workflows can be managed in a seamless way, with all types of data available to all environments. Our platform allows for work product to be available at workstations as easily as it is accessible online via our software-based storage solution, providing top performance and scalability while allowing the archived material to be stored inexpensively. For more information, call us today at +1 (855) 927 2448.