Data Storage Management Software Program

Data Storage Management Software Program by ShareArchiver

Having a robust storage management software program for your company’s files means that your active data is automatically placed in high-performance storage tiers, while inactive data gets relocated to lower cost, high-capacity storage tiers. This storage management protocol results in both improved performance and access to the files that are most frequently needed, while still lowering costs. At ShareArchiver, we accomplish this through a process called stubbing, old static data is moved off tier1 storage to less expensive storage.

The technology behind ShareArchiver’s storage management software was designed with an ambitious goal in mind – to improve the efficiency of your system while reducing the need for immense outlays of capital, eliminating extraneous operational costs, and even cutting your energy usage. It has applications and advantages for companies both large and small – as long as you need immediate access and control of both active and inactive data, the system provides dramatically improved efficiencies.

With Share Archiver’s dynamic storage tiering module, you are able to prescribe your own policies and definitions that, once in place, will continuously monitor and identify the activity within your files and shift static and older files to a lower tier Storage. These less active tiers have much greater capacity but cost less, and the system is still able to retrieve archived files in a lightning fast way seamlessly to the end users.

The automation of the system and its increased efficiency result in a reduced burden for your I.T. department while still providing the necessary access controls. Companies are able to identify data not only in terms of its frequency of use, but also in terms of the levels of protection that it requires, its performance requirements, and other elements. The most important data is left expensive storage tier, while older files that still need to be retained for compliance or security purposes can be placed at a lower cost storage tier. Even files that are rarely used can be maintained, with best practices leading to the lowest tiered storage being stored externally, in the least expensive storage options.

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The idea of storage management software that moves data as it gets old and less frequently used to cheaper storage medium sets its sights on reducing storage costs while still maintaining data integrity. The storage management system offered by ShareArchiver can be configured to your exact needs and is seamlessly integrated into your existing system, enabling high-level efficiency while markedly reducing costs.