Introduce User Self-Reliance With a File Archiving Solution

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Opting for a data archiving solution can seem a daunting prospect for businesses that are not well- informed about its benefits. Convincing the end user base though is tougher. This is because the users are more hesitant to change their traditional ways of computing. In their minds, data archiving represents some new-fangled challenges that need to be surmounted. That it is something that could come in the way of people going about their jobs as before.

The good news is that they need not worry. Modern data archiving software is intuitive and intelligent enough to make the users do their jobs more flexible. Most importantly users can take advantage of a host of unique features that makes them more productive without worrying about data security anymore.

Generally, uses that need to access certain files have to send requisition to the IT department for retrieving those files. Accessing files by using old methods can result in several problems. Some of them are stated below:


This process can be time-consuming. Sometimes users need information immediately and to access files through the IT department may take some time. In fact, going through all the backup files to locate the file that is required may take up to several days. An opportunity might be lost due to slow retrieving process.


File retrieval systems may be expensive, whereas data archiving software is not expensive.

Success not guaranteed

There could be multiple reasons for failure to retrieve relevant information. Some of these reasons include:

Tapes or files may be corrupted
Back up files could get lost or misplaced
Wrongly named or classified
No back up made for certain files
Multiple tapes with one name
Tapes are probe to magnetic fields which may result in failure

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Archiving software offers convenience and cost-effectiveness to users. It has multiple benefits. Archiving solutions are the best hope for managing and organizing a company’s information and data. There’s no need to bother the IT department when it comes to file recovery and data access. Users with the right network permissions and access credentials can access the required files instantly. Some of the benefits of using file archiving solutions are listed below:

Cost Effectiveness:

One of the major reasons for choosing a file archiving solution is the reduced cost of logging, storing and managing data and information. Users can save money by choosing our file archiving solution.

Instant access:

Users can access files and data instantly. There is no need to send the requisition to IT department and wait for them to locate files and send them to the users. Instant access means fast retrieval of files and immediate action.

Increase Employee and Administrator Productivity:

How much time do your organization’s staff and IT administrators spend managing storage volumes on a weekly basis? Does it require multiple hours every day? Your IT admin may even spend almost a full workday managing old files. ShareArchiver’s fully archiving process eliminates the need for staff to manage digital corporate intelligence manually, giving everyone back valuable time that can be spent on current projects.

Ease of Use:

ShareArchiver’s file archiving software is easy to use and understand. No special skills are required to understand this system.