How File Archiving is Paramount in Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

File Archiving Solution Helps Companies Save Time and Money

ShareArchiver is helping organizations cut costs and increase efficiency by seamlessly archiving files.

LONDON – In spite of advances in data protection technology, many organizations continue to depend on older, less reliable tape backup as the principal media source for backing up their data.

“Proper data backup is vital for an organization,” said chief technology officer of ShareArchiver INC., Jawad Bokhari. “Aside from keeping data available to users as a ‘just in case,’ companies today have to comply with ever-growing government regulations.”

For companies battling with the growth of data, many turn to tapes which require data to be backed up during daily and on weekly basis as well.

“The first problem here is the time factor,” said Bokhari, whose company also offers SharePoint archiving. “It takes so much time to back up files and most of the data has not even been modified or accessed in months.”

These tapes are generally stored on a remote site, which is a service provided by a third party. The more data you have, the more tapes you will need to store and since companies charge per tape, the costs can typically be £60-£70 per week per tape.

Also, when you need to recover data, you first have to order the tape back to the office from the remote site. You must then restore the full tape’s worth of data, which could take many hours and then you still have to search for the file you needed. And on top of it all, there are no search options with tapes. All this work has to be done by technical resources. This costs companies thousands of dollars per month.

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“Backup tapes are not only expensive but the time it takes to restore data and locate a file is highly inefficient,” said Bokhari.

With a file archiving solution such as ShareArchiver, files can be stored in a central repository, which optimizes performance, reduces backup time and makes searching, discovering and restoring files fast and simple. A task which normally takes several hours can take just minutes to complete.

Administrators can set up policies to archive old data that is rarely accessed, which will reduce backup time and limit the amount of data on the systems. ShareArchiver also uses stubbing to enable seamless access to data, which is the process of replacing a large file with a smaller linked file in the system.

Searching for files in ShareArchiver’s archive is very easy and swift, as files are indexed. Users are responsible for searching and restoring their own data, increasing productivity across the board. But the greatest advantage is the cost saving. ShareArchiver has a one-time cost plus yearly maintenance, whereas tapes have a recurring cost. Users will also need fewer tapes, as the policy-driven solution will not archive old files over and over again.

“ShareArchiver uses cost-effective disks to archive data, which has proven to back up files two to four times faster than tapes,” said Bokhari. “This solution was created with organizations’ needs in mind. We wanted to help them increase efficiency and cut costs while still giving them the ability to comply with e-discovery needs and government regulation.”

About ShareArchiver

ShareArchiver is an emerging leader in data management and archiving solutions, while also addressing e-discovery challenges that small and large organizations encounter. ShareArchiver provides archiving solutions for SharePoint, emails, and files.

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ShareArchiver INC., an emerging leader in data management and archiving solutions announced today the release of their new venture ShareArchiver file and SharePoint archiving.

ShareArchiver provides cutting edge solutions in content storage and data management, while also addressing e-discovery challenges that are faced by small and large organizations. ShareArchiver de-duplicates data; reduces backup time and storage costs while enabling a defensible discovery process.

“ShareArchiver is unique in that it is not a platform specific, which allows it to integrate with other platforms seamlessly,” said chief technology officer Jawad Bokhari. “This system is supported universally by other client platforms, which makes it ideal for companies that have a mixed environment of platforms.”

ShareArchiver can be deployed over wide geological locations to centralize corporate data no matter how large the organization is and can be delivered as software, an appliance or a cloud archive.

ShareArchiver’s product line includes solutions for file archiving, SharePoint archiving and email archiving.

The archiving software features an intuitive policy engine that allows users to effortlessly dictate which data to archive using specific Metadata such as accessed date, size, location, etc. ShareArchiver also uses state of the art stubbing technology to provide seamless access to archived data. Stubbing is a policy-driven module that gives clients storage management controls to reduce storage costs.

“Stubbing is the process of replacing a large file with a tiny file in the system,” said Bokhari. “The file is securely linked to the original file in the archive making the process seamless to the end-user.”

The solution, not only archives in real-time, it also permits special users to perform e-discovery tasks while recording their actions and sending them to data guardians to ensure protection.

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“Our goal when developing this solution was to improve efficiency within the workplace,” said Bokhari. “I think we have done just that by giving companies the ability to automate, manage and store data effectively. The time-saving benefits of this solution will make this a worthwhile investment.”

ShareArchiver is an emerging leader in data management and archiving solutions while also addressing e-discovery challenges that small and large organizations encounter. ShareArchiver provides archiving solutions for SharePoint, emails, and files.