ShareArchiver Appliance Solutions

Data is what drives today’s business, but storing and protecting that data securely and providing users with access when they need it can be an expensive challenge. Gone are the days when information was simply stored in a filing cabinet and physically retrieved – today’s enterprises need to be able to archive data and retrieve it seamlessly and instantaneously, and there are a number of different ways to achieve this.

For some organizations, the answer lies in the purchase of their own unique combinations of hardware, software and storage spread throughout their enterprise – their single greatest need is an effective way to manage and archive their data, and the ShareArchiver Solution offers that capability. For others, a cloud-based solution may be the right fit. For organizations looking for an all-in-one solution that provides them with hardware, software and a customized storage and archiving system, we offer the ShareArchiver appliance.


A recent example of how the appliance can provide the right data archiving solution can be found in an installation we recently provided for an East Coast construction company with several remote branches. They client was seeking a solution that could archive the data collected from their multiple sites into a central archive system, and do it with a single integrated hardware and software system. Their goal was one we hear on a regular basis – companies are constantly being challenged by the quantity of data that they need to store, and are looking for ways to reduce the cost and number of complications while still allowing data mobility to users and maintaining their data integrity.

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The bundled approach offered by the ShareArchiver appliance allows content to reliably be distributed to separate environments. Users in remote locations no longer have to store data on their own hardware; instead they can take advantage of the system’s intuitive E-discovery Software capabilities with full text search to access and share data instantly, while from an organizational standpoint the appliance provides the security of LDAP integration that offers them control over data accessibility, as well as a solution that provides storage management, backup, compliance, and archiving capabilities. Add to that the convenience of working with a single vendor to provide support for software and hardware needs, and it’s easy to see why our easy-to-manage custom appliances provide the right solution for so many.

Implementation of our plug and play appliance is simple and tailor-made to the needs of each individual client. For more information on how our ShareArchiver Appliance can answer your data management and archiving needs, contact us today.