6 Best Secure Data Archiving Tips to prevent cybercrimes

Are you worried about storing your overflowing data and don’t know where to start? Is it difficult for you to archive large amounts of data on your company systems? Don’t worry. We have the best guide for you on secure data archiving.

Data archiving is a common practice among those companies that desire to retain vast volumes of organized data. Many leading organizations employ data archiving software to improve file and document storage. 

But over a period of time, due to a large influx of data, any company’s systems can get overburdened by this excessive data. This is where secure data archiving software programs come in. 

These secure data archiving softwares are special tools to provide secure storage of all your files and documents. This ensures business efficiency, as your data management team isn’t overburdened by your hectic data storage. 

Moreover, secure data archiving software help in the long-term storage of all your files by utilizing their online resource, freeing up all the occupied space on your company’s systems. This way you can do all your record keeping and management without any tension of filling up your system space.

How is Data Archiving Different From Data Backup?

Backup and archive are two terms that are conversely used while talking about data storage, record keeping, and data management. Many also get confused between these two, so let’s first clarify what’s the difference between data archiving and data backup.

Data backup is basically a short-term process of renewing old data, with new information. It has no record of previous data and is basically like erasing old information and requiring new and improved one. 

While data archiving refers to the long-term storage of each and every file and document in a  cloud or manual storage. It is basically accessible yet inactive storage of data that is not very critical but holds significant importance in situational needs. 

Why Is Secure Data Archiving Important For Businesses?

You must be wondering why companies need secure data archiving. Well, it is quite important that your important data is discoverable and visible to you at all times to help you analyze it whenever you need it. 

There can be an urgent audit required, and instead of manually going through your data, using data archiving softwares, you can organize all your data. Secure data archiving is very important for many top enterprises, as it helps you keep all your data safe and accessible in a single place.

By finding document archiving solutions that work for you, you can remove the stress of digging large puddles of old data, to find something you need urgently. You can easily sort all your data online in cloud storage provided by these secure data archiving softwares. 

Moreover, you know that over a period of evolution, any company recruits many new people to enhance their company’s head count. This may also mean that this company has to keep a large record of their employees safe in their systems for legal purposes. 

6 Tips for Efficient and Secure Data Archiving

Before uploading your papers to a data archiving software, you must examine your data and log them efficiently so you can locate them in the moment of need. 

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Here are the top 6 best practices for secure data archiving to help you retain your data safely:

1. Scrutizine Your Data

The first step before archiving your data is to audit your data according to its importance and relevance. It is very important that your files that hold significant importance, don’t get lost in a huge pile of unwanted data. 

By keeping your data precisely, you can leave a lot of your cloud storage free for future storage of important files and documents. Your data archiving software will help you keep your data aligned and easily accessible. While your submission of scrutinized data further makes your data appear organized and less redundant. 

Scrutinizing your data helps finalize what you need and what you have to get rid of for good. All of this process must be logged too so that you can remember where your data went. 

2. Scan All Paper Documents

If you still have some of your important documents lying in your drawers, it is important that you make those documents, before submitting your data to an online cloud storage repository. 

Many data archiving softwares provide secure data archiving solutions to ensure your confidential and legal documents remain safe. This type of long-term storage can also accept scanned documents. 

A carefully digitized document can be accessible by company owners or data management teams on secure data archiving software. Robust security and access prevention are also needed when it comes to uploading your documents to cloud storage.

3. Label Your Files

Even when you are uploading your document on secure data archiving softwares, efficient record keeping and management is required for you to get back to them when needed. By labeling your files before submitting them to secure data archiving softwares, you make sure, all your data is aligned. 

You may remember what file has what inside it, but imagine 10 years from now, all your memory about any specific file would become so rusty. Now imagine, 100’s of files, it would be humanly impossible to retain such information without keeping a physical log. 

But why keep a physical log when you can easily label all your data and mark specified folders retaining your important information? You can also disguise your important data as some other file or set a code word as a name to easily reach specific files in time.

Labeling in the order of years, dates, niche, department, or person names are quite successful. You can also sort your data in respective folders under a specific label. This will help save you time when you find your old files, and also find similar documents in the same place.

4. Enable Encryption

We live in a modern world, where every day new technology surrounds us and evolves our previous ways. Meanwhile, data security also becomes very important, as hackers and cybercriminals can access your data and release your important legal documents and tax files publicly. 

Using secure data archiving keeps your data safe from leaking, as it ensures, your company’s systems have only current data. Even if, any of your employees plug their corrupted devices into your company’s system, it will keep your important documents and files safe for a long. 

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Online secure data archiving tools have specialized data management and document archiving solutions to make sure all your data is encrypted and has limited access to your important records, files, and documents. 

Moreover, assigning a special encryption code would be easy for your to lock your data. Its decryption key would be given to a special person who would easily decipher such data when needed reducing data theft.

5. Keep Your Data Up-To-Date

As you know that online backup and data archiving practice does not regularly get updated after several months. Your data is archived up to a special date and time, to ensure your company’s resources are free and not overloaded with data.

After several years, companies should have a way to re-archive their new data from the date of the last archive, to ensure all their data is placed online too. This way, in case of resolving the company or any legal case, you can access not only your old data but also your new data. 

All your data must be renewd as per some company policies by the acting head of that time. This makes sure everything is streamlined, and all your data is rechecked to see everything is in place too and don’t waste extra time finding what you want.

6. Select A Trustable Data Archiving Software

As an organization’s generation of operational data increases, it becomes more challenging to keep track of all the data sources, manage their storage, and finally utilize it when needed. Storing your data on online cloud repositories that are low-cost and provide secure storage is an essential part of a data management system. 

Data archiving softwares/tools provide companies with cloud storage to keep their data protected. Almost every company is hesitant at first upon archiving their data online on a cloud service provided by a data archiving software.

It is critical that the data archiving software we choose is safe and has restricted access. Using document archiving solutions you can opt for many online secure data archiving software options, like ShareArchiver. 

This way you can easily discover your data, and remove all the aged files from your company’s servers while also organizing all your unstructured data in place

Benefits Of Secure Data Archiving Software

Through secure data archiving software,  you can easily access your old files whenever you like. This way you can not only enhance your business efficiency but also go for long-term data security without exhausting your data management team. 

Here are some more benefits associated to secure data archiving softwares:

1. Reduces Bulky Backups

Due to overloaded computer software, it gets difficult for you to back up your data quickly. This can also result in hogging your employees’ productive days and reducing your company’s daily work goal. 

By archiving all old and unwanted data, you can easily make sure, all your bully backups are reduced and you have an easy data management system in your hands. No unnecessary restoration and archival of data would be done in this way.

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2. Low-Cost Data Storage

Saving all your data on cloud storage using secure data archiving software helps you reduce overall costs for your data storage. You can make sure all your data is stored in a single place. 

Online secure data archiving programs offer special solutions and large storage space in terabytes to help you store any form of data. This not only ensures long-term storage but also lesser resource usage. Unlike open-use government data storage facilities, these are less costly as you pay for only what you store, without any additional charges. 

Companies can go for trusted data archiving softwares to store their important and private data. Open government repositories do not provide the same value and level of security as a secure data archiving software. 

Using low-cost yet amazing services is great for companies as data archiving is a long-term practice, and when bound by special policies, online softwares help retain your data securely. 

3. High Data Security

It is very important that your data is not accessible to just anyone as it happens in government repositories or data storage facilities. These secure data archiving softwares also have a private repository to save your data with high encryption.

Using secure data archiving, you can reduce the risk of malware infection or cybercrime activities on your data. This helps you store your data untouched for a long time.

4. Regulates Compliance

You may be worried about compliance and policies regarding data archiving. But, when it comes to secure data archiving softwares, there are several built-in policies regaridng security of your data. 

A secure data archiving software can be used to store data necessary for compliance. Auch an online data repository retains all your data you may use at any time in the future for compliance. 

In this instance, the data must be easily accessible so that regulating organizations can refer to it promptly. This data altogether include the company’s general data and secure data. All of this is managed through a special data management team. After situating specific data according to their need in cloud storage, the company can unarchive and retain such information. 


We don’t want to scare you, but it’s good to be prepared for any rainy day in advance. There are many dealings in a business that can go wrong, ending your company in a lawsuit by any opposition party. 

In such a case, you might have to present several documents in your defense to make sure you are deemed innocent. How will you manage to find relevant documents in such a short time? 

Secure data archiving software would help you quickly access all your documents whether new or old at a lightning speed. These data archiving software programs offer cloud storage, allowing businesses to securely dump old data. 

ShareArchiver is a secure data archiving software/tool that helps several businesses in the safe record keeping and management of data. We are an online file storage provider to make sure your company securely archives data and enhances your business efficiency.