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When it comes to managing your data, it is essential that you have put your company into a position where it is able to act nimbly and quickly. Not only does this mean being able to retrieve retained data for leverage on future projects, but also being able to backup and recover data in a way that allows the organization to continue functioning at peak efficiency. Though storage and backup are often thought of as the same activity with the same goals, the two are very different.

Organizations that try to combine the two functions end up putting themselves in a position where all of the economies that they are striving for are compromised. The solution is to create a storage strategy that provides the greatest optimization of storage and backup, and which in doing so also delivers a boost in server performance.

storage and backup

The more devices and users your organization has, the more pressure will be put on your server and the more content you will be creating. These increased demands mean that there is a concurrently greater need for storage efficiency, both to allow unfettered access for business opportunities and to adhere to regulatory requirements and e-discovery needs. Though backups were once the go-to method for preparing for all of these needs, they no longer provide a usable answer. Instead, companies need to utilize systems that allow them to store their data in a way that takes up the least amount of space – particularly on expensive primary storage – and that also provides almost instantaneous access. ShareArchiver’s system provides all of those advantages, providing preservation of data along with usability while eliminating the need for the same information to be frequently backed up from primary storage.

The benefits of ShareArchiver’s storage solutions are multifold. Not only does it remove lesser-used data to less expensive secondary storage, thus lowering storage costs while still providing immediate access, it also greatly contributes to backup optimization while dramatically reducing backup costs. With less data being stored on primary storage, there is less to be backed up and protected on a constant basis. The material is still available, but because it is located in secondary archival storage, costs can be reduced by as much as 80 percent. The amount of storage that is required for backups drops considerably, and depending upon your organization’s data storage protocols these savings can continue to grow as more and more previously backed up data is moved to the archive. It is also important to note that where recovering data from a backup environment is extremely costly, and particularly so when an individual file is being retrieved, retrieval of backed up data from the ShareArchiver storage solution is simple, easy, inexpensive and instantaneous.