5 Ways File Archiving Can Save Your Company Hundreds Each Year

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There are a number of important benefits that a smart, state-of-the-art file archiving can offer your company. It increases the amount of storage space you have available, thus reducing the need to purchase more. It helps company management oversight, allowing for greater control of access to proprietary information. It facilitates e-discovery and preserves content that might be needed for legal proceedings. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Here are 5 ways file archiving can do all of that while also saving your company hundreds of dollars each year.

It’s true that maintaining your company’s rapidly growing data may be considered a necessary cost of doing business. That does not mean, however, that you cannot do so affordably. When you implement a file archiving system that improves your organizational efficiency, you are able to realize dramatic cost savings. You are thus conducting business as usual at a lower cost yet higher level of efficiency.

Improving End User Data Access

We’ve all had the experience of trying to recover a lost file. If your organization has 500 employees and each one needs to recover just one file per month, it would represent 6,000 files recovered per year.

If you assume that it takes your IT staff half an hour to recover that information from a backup, it doesn’t take long to realize that recovering 6,000 files per year means you are employing at least 1 full time staff member just to accomplish this task.

A file archiving system that allows end users ease of access to archived content can therefore provide immediate savings. And that is just one example.

Automating Storage Management for Better Performance

As the volume of data on your primary server grows, your entire organization’s productivity slows. This is not only for the management of the content but also for the time that is required to continually back up the information.

A file archiving system will automatically migrate your data to storage, improving end user productivity while still offering instant access to archived storage and significantly reducing backup times.

Decreasing Downtime Costs

When you use a file archiving system to offload content to secondary storage, you also safeguard it and make restoring it much simpler and less time-consuming. This is not necessarily the case when using a backup system. If your servers crash, a standard backup can take hours without an archive.

Facilitating E-Discovery Needs

Regulatory compliance and legal e-discovery requests can require an inordinate amount of time when your data is backed up onto tape. It means that your IT staff will be forced to search for and load each tape into the recovery server for processing. Not to mention the time lost on recovering corrupted files.

Valuable hours are lost in these scenarios. In contrast, a file archiving system offers a straightforward and intuitive search protocol. This means that archives can be accessed by whatever end user is authorized. This makes the searching process easier and faster because the data has already been indexed.

Heightening Data Security

Implementing a secure file archiving system ensures that you meet your compliance requirements. It also provides data privacy and creates an audit trail for the life of the data in the archive. This allows for data management with both control and oversight of who has access to or has accessed specific data.

At ShareArchiver, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a file archiving system that is scalable to your needs. One with immediate cost savings that is simple to install and use. If you’re interested in taking a free trial or getting a quote, contact us today.