Storage/Data Management Solution

Data volumes are increasing rapidly, administrators may be weighing up the options on the best and most cost effective options for managing storage, backups and data.

One option: is to invest in higher spec and larger capacity solutions, which is not addressing the underlying challenge of managing the data but rather shifting the issue to a later date which effectively buys a little more time until you will have to face and contend with a bigger problem.

2nd option: is to let users manage the data by following a set of guidelines in which case data may be moved or deleted by users, in this approach one has to rely on user judgment and, there are 3 main issues with this approach.

Hugely inefficient, useful data being deleted, due to relying on user decisions.
Costly, manually sifting through data, offers very low productivity.
Highly time consuming.

3rd option: Data is moved to a tape another storage medium, with the aim of accessing the data if and when needed, the data becomes useless dark data over time which in most cases is lost or forgotten, costly and time consuming to recover and access – employee turnover is another factor where the data’s existence may be forgotten in addition to details on how to restore data or simply the data become corrupt or inaccessible due to hardware failure.

ShareArchiver addresses all these concerns with an effective automated solution

Move aged data to a SIS repository – a process driven by policies.
Access, Restore and Export data on demand
Set policies to automatically delete data based on last accessed date.