Enterprise File Archiving Solutions By ShareArchiver

Today’s businesses face challenges that were unseen before the arrival of big data. Documents that were once stored in hard copy and that needed to be retrieved manually now quickly build up on servers, exhausting productivity while costing enormous financial resources. With data experts estimating that roughly 80 percent of a business’ data sits idle while it occupies valuable space, it has become increasingly clear that there is a need for a better solution that moves seldom-used data to a cheaper storage medium, while at the same time allowing it to be retrieved easily in order to address the needs of e-discovery and compliance. The answer to the problem lies in identifying an effective enterprise file archiving solution.

Enterprise file archiving appliances provide organizations of all sizes with the ability to maintain on-premise data storage at a reduced rate, while still allowing the data to be readily available. The advantages of choosing the ShareArchiver’s enterprise file archiving solution is that it addresses all of the organization’s many needs, including:

Storage management through an efficient file stubbing process.This technology allows users seamless and immediate access to stubs that appear no different from the original document but which actually take up far less storage space. The use of file stubbing allows roughly 90% of data on primary storage to be eliminated and deduplicated.

The ShareArchiver enterprise file archiving appliance makes it possible for all data to be kept on a centralized repository where documents can easily and efficiently be searched.

Controlling the security of internal and external documents is an essential aspect of all document storage, and ShareArchiver’s system enables management complete control of end-user access and whether certain documents will be available to users without the appropriate privileges.

By archiving seldom-used data, our enterprise file archiving solution allows production environments to minimize their downtime – should a crash occur, data recovery can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time.

The ShareArchiver enterprise file archiving appliance provides end users with the ability to search for and retrieve documents as seamlessly as if they were stored on their own desktop or laptop. The system eliminates the problem of time lost searching for misplaced or misfiled documents, as well as the need for exact file names or directory information. The search capabilities are intuitive, enhancing enterprise productivity.

Enterprise file archiving solutions are only as effective as the abilities that they provide, and that’s why ShareArchiver has made policy-based archiving a priority. Organizations are allowed to establish their own policies and are provided with valuable tools that provide the with the ability to analyze and produce reports regarding data usage and storage. Modifying policies is easily accomplished.

The ease of search and retrieval provided by ShareArchiver means that it offers enterprises with a solution that allows them to remain in compliance with regulatory bodies, as well as enabling E-discovery. It provides complete metadata that may be required for litigation or compliance purposes.

One of the most cost-effective benefits of adding an enterprise file archiving solution is the elimination of long backup times. Once data has been archived, the volume of information that requires backup will be substantially reduced.

ShareArchiver’senterprise file archiving solution offers your business the opportunity to meet all of its data retrieval needs, reduce storage expenses and improve efficiency. Call our representative today for more information on how it would benefit your organization.

File Archiving Software With Easy Archiving Policies For Management

For many companies, the problem of finding an efficient way to manage and organize essential files and juggle with storage can create headaches and unnecessary expense. A file and storage management protocol that is poorly planned can lead to a company needing to unnecessarily spend more money and expend more time on efforts to retrieve essential information, diverting funds needed for growth to backwards-looking activities.

The answer lies in creating a business environment in which a file archiving system is so efficient and so successful that it shifts documents away from expensive storage devices, using file server archiving software programmed with established protocols to save space and still allow files to be retrieved instantaneously and transparently to the users. An effective file archiving solution will remove files from the storage that costs and moves it to another location that is less costly. It frees up space, leaving behind a stub file that takes up little space but provides seamless access to all users that have permissions to access keeping in check security protocols. It makes storage of little-used data manageable, cutting costs while still providing efficiencies that likely exceed that of your current system.

File Archiving

Adding a ShareArchiverfile archiving solution to your current corporate data management domain offers a number of important advantages. It provides management with the ability to continue to view files and organize them according to which server they originated on, who created the file, and what its size, type and name are. It will free up your existing servers to allow up to 80 percent more space, all while reducing the costs that had previously been a required storage expenditure. And the time required to backup files, and retrieve them, will be dramatically reduced resulting in an efficient disaster recovery process.


As a company grows, so does its unstructured data and files, its customer base, and its staff. Correspondingly, so does the cost of storing data on its servers, and its backup times. This translates into a dramatically increased total cost of ownership as companies need to store, protect and manage their data. Inefficiencies in this process are best addressed with file archiver software that improves disaster recovery responses and enables more data to be stored.

By being smarter about file storage, moving old data from expensive storage to a less expensive options, you expand on the useful life of your system while increasing efficiencies in access to essential data. For more information on ShareArchiver’s file server archiving software, contact us to set up an appointment.

Data Storage Management Software Program by ShareArchiver

Data Storage Management Software Program by ShareArchiver

Having a robust storage management software program for your company’s files means that your active data is automatically placed in high-performance storage tiers, while inactive data gets relocated to lower cost, high-capacity storage tiers. This storage management protocol results in both improved performance and access to the files that are most frequently needed, while still lowering costs. At ShareArchiver, we accomplish this through a process called stubbing, old static data is moved off tier1 storage to less expensive storage.

The technology behind ShareArchiver’s storage management software was designed with an ambitious goal in mind – to improve the efficiency of your system while reducing the need for immense outlays of capital, eliminating extraneous operational costs, and even cutting your energy usage. It has applications and advantages for companies both large and small – as long as you need immediate access and control of both active and inactive data, the system provides dramatically improved efficiencies.

With Share Archiver’s dynamic storage tiering module, you are able to prescribe your own policies and definitions that, once in place, will continuously monitor and identify the activity within your files and shift static and older files to a lower tier Storage. These less active tiers have much greater capacity, but cost less, and the system is still able to retrieve archived files in a lightning fast way seamlessly to the end users.

The automation of the system and its increased efficiency result in a reduced burden for your I.T. department while still providing the necessary access controls. Companies are able to identify data not only in terms of its frequency of use, but also in terms of the levels of protection that it requires, its performance requirements, and other elements. The most important data is left expensive storage tier, while older files that still need to be retained for compliance or security purposes can be placed at a lower cost storage tier. Even files that are rarely used can be maintained, with best practices leading to the lowest tiered storage being stored externally, in the least expensive storage options.


The idea of storage management software that moves data as it gets old and less frequently used to cheaper storage medium sets its sights on reducing storage costs while still maintaining data integrity. The storage management system offered by ShareArchiver can be onfigured to your exact needs and is seamlessly integrated into your existing system, enabling high-level efficiency while markedly reducing costs.

As Data Explodes, Storage Solutions Become Even More Critical

There is no question that as the sheer quantity of digital data continues to grow, storage management and archiving will become increasingly important. It has been estimated that the amount of digital data worldwide will grow to 40,000 exabytes by 2020 — an Exabyte is the equivalent of a billion gigabytes. Breaking that down, that means that there will be an average of over 5,200 GB of storage required per person.

The challenge of storing that data for as long as it is needed and then archiving it afterwards is overwhelming, but the storage industry is working hard to create solutions that will work. Current trends include data being migrated to third-party cloud services as well as employing techniques such as thin provisioning, automatic tiering, storage virtualization and deduplication to improve efficiency. One of the most exciting developments has been the integration of flash storage with mainstream storage products to create hybrid flash systems.

Though all flash storage arrays are prohibitively expensive, creating hybrids in which the majority of the storage technology is inexpensive hard-drive storage and 10% is flash provides the ability for the flash technology to conduct fast searches, accessing the files that are held on the cheaper storage. This combination of technologies provides a remarkable cost advantage without losing performance.

At ShareArchiver, part of the reason that we are able to provide our clients with the ability to immediately locate and restore their archived data lies in our use of Single-Instance Storage (SIS). SIS enables us to keep a single copy of your content that can be provided to multiple users and locations based upon established permissions. It gets rid of the storage and backup problems created by data duplication by creating stub files that look and feel like the original and note changes on pointers while still maintaining an archive of the original document as well.

This system satisfies end users because it feels as though nothing has changed other than the fact that they are able to access their archived information much more quickly, while dramatically diminishing the amount of storage required and improving the systems scalability as well. The file archiving system creates a hierarchy that replaces older files with stubs that can still be accessed when needed, providing security and capabilities for e-discovery requests.