8 Top Cloud Data Encryption Tools for Secure Cloud Data

8 Top Cloud Data Encryption Tools for Secure Cloud Data

The rise in the adoption of cloud computing services has been astronomical in recent years.

However, with the growth of cloud services, the concern for data security has also increased.

Organizations are moving a substantial chunk of their sensitive data, such as intellectual property, client information, and financial data, onto cloud platforms.

While this shift towards cloud providers offers unprecedented convenience, it exposes sensitive data to potential security threats.

In this context, cloud data encryption is an additional layer of security that protects your data from unauthorized users and ensures regulatory compliance requirements. 

This comprehensive guide will provide detailed overviews of the top 8 tools for securely storing and transmitting data.

1. ShareArchiver


Established to simplify data management while ensuring maximum security, ShareArchiver has become a staple for organizations of all sizes.

Its convenient interface and a variety of features make it a preferred tool for many.

ShareArchiver aims to provide a comprehensive data archiving, encryption, and discovery solution.

The software was designed considering the escalating demands for efficient data storage, the rising security requirements, and the necessity of businesses to comply with regulatory requirements.

Top 3 Features

1. Secure Archiving

ShareArchiver’s secure archiving is a powerful feature that ensures your data is not just stored but stored securely.

The solution considers various security controls, including access control measures and encryption policies, to guarantee that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

The secure archiving feature protects data from external threats and potential insider threats by implementing robust user role management.

2. Data Encryption

Data Encryption is one of the most vital features of ShareArchiver.

The software uses an advanced encryption algorithm to secure data, offering symmetric and asymmetric encryption options.

This ensures that even if your data is intercepted while in transmission, it will remain unreadable without the correct decryption key.

It is an added layer of protection that offers peace of mind when dealing with sensitive data.

3. eDiscovery

The eDiscovery feature in ShareArchiver solves the problem of finding specific information within the vast amounts of data stored.

This feature is extremely handy when dealing with legal procedures or regulatory compliance checks.

With eDiscovery, you can effortlessly find specific data without sifting through massive amounts of information.


  • Provides comprehensive protection for both stored and in-transit data
  • Allows for swift and easy data discovery
  • Offers strong encryption for maximum security
  • Great customer service and technical support


Users do not complain of any issues with the software.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Cloud-based application


ShareArchiver operates on a subscription-based model with pricing plans varying based on the specific needs and size of the organization.

Final Verdict

With its robust security features, including secure archiving and strong encryption, coupled with the convenience of eDiscovery, ShareArchiver stands as an all-encompassing tool for data management and security.

2. Boxcryptor


Boxcryptor is an innovative software offering end-to-end encryption for almost all cloud storage providers.

Designed to emphasize user privacy and data security, it was established to make cloud storage safer by protecting privacy and data integrity.

Top 3 Features

1. End-to-end Encryption

Boxcryptor provides a solid layer of protection to your data using end-to-end encryption.

This feature ensures that your data gets encrypted on your device before it’s transferred to your cloud storage provider.

Thus, your data remains safe even if a breach occurs at your cloud provider’s end.

2. Independent Security Audit

The independent security audit feature of Boxcryptor provides an additional level of assurance.

External entities conduct Independent security audits to assess whether Boxcryptor’s security measures stand up to scrutiny.

These audits verify the robustness of the security controls, ensuring that your data remains protected against emerging threats.

The fact that an independent body certifies the security of Boxcryptor adds an extra layer of trust, making users more confident in using the software to safeguard their cloud-stored data.

3. Secure Authentication

Boxcryptor prioritizes user access security by providing secure authentication.

This feature protects user accounts against unauthorized access by requiring more than just simple username and password inputs.

It incorporates multi-factor authentication, requiring users to provide two or more verification factors to gain access.

This might include something you know (password), something you have (a hardware token or phone), or something you are (biometric data).

This makes sure that even if a malicious user gets hold of a user’s password, they cannot access the data without the second authentication factor.


  • Provides end-to-end encryption for a wide range of cloud storage services
  • Verified security through independent audits
  • Enhanced user account protection with secure authentication
  • User-friendly interface with robust support for various cloud providers


  • The configuration might be slightly complex for non-technical users

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Plugins for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


Boxcryptor is a free to use tool.

Final Verdict

With its powerful encryption features and secure authentication, Boxcryptor makes a compelling case for being a go-to tool for cloud data encryption. Although it has a steep learning curve, its security makes it a worthwhile investment.

3. GarbleCloud


GarbleCloud is a robust data encryption software that provides comprehensive protection for data hosted in the cloud.

Its intuitive interface, combined with advanced features such as military-grade encryption and secure external sharing, has made it a go-to tool for businesses concerned about data security in cloud environments.

Top 3 Features

1. Military-Grade Encryption

Military-Grade Encryption is a standout feature of GarbleCloud. It uses advanced encryption algorithms typically employed by military organizations.

This strong encryption protects sensitive data from even the most determined cyber-attacks.

Whether it’s intellectual property, financial data, or personal client information, GarbleCloud ensures your data is unreadable to unauthorized users, safeguarding it from internal and external threats.

2. Secure External Sharing

In today’s interconnected world, data sharing is an essential business function.

But this should not come at the cost of security. GarbleCloud addresses this concern with its Secure External Sharing feature.

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This feature lets you securely share encrypted files with external entities such as clients or partners.

The recipients will need the correct decryption key to access the shared data, thus ensuring that only authorized users can view it.

3. Search on Encrypted Files

GarbleCloud sets itself apart with its capability to search encrypted files.

This is a unique feature, as searching encrypted files typically requires decrypting them first.

With GarbleCloud, you can directly search encrypted files without decrypting them, maintaining your data’s security while increasing operational efficiency.


  • Provides military-grade encryption, ensuring the highest level of security
  • Secure External Sharing allows safe data sharing with third parties
  • The capability to search directly on encrypted files improves operational efficiency


  • While GarbleCloud does provide mobile applications, they lack some functionality present in the desktop version
  • The Search on Encrypted Files feature may require some training.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Individual: Free to use
  • Small Teams: $60 per user per year
  • Large Teams: contact sales for tailored price plans.

Final Verdict

With its military-grade encryption, secure external sharing and unique search on encrypted files feature, GarbleCloud provides a comprehensive cloud data encryption solution.

While there are some minor drawbacks, its pros outshine, making it a preference for organizations seeking to improve cloud data security.

4. IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security Guardium, a part of the IBM family, is a data security and protection platform designed to safeguard data across multiple cloud environments.

It caters to the needs of larger organizations and is equipped with features like regulatory compliance, centralized visibility, and automated data discovery.

Top 3 Features

1. Regulatory Compliance

IBM Security Guardium recognizes the importance of regulatory compliance in today’s business landscape.

It helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements by providing detailed reports on data access, user activities, and potential vulnerabilities.

This feature allows businesses to demonstrate compliance during audits effectively.

2. Centralized Visibility

Monitoring data across multiple cloud environments can be challenging in large organizations.

IBM Security Guardium addresses this issue by offering centralized visibility into all data activity.

This ensures that security administrators can effectively monitor and react to suspicious behaviors, thus enhancing overall data security.

3. Automated Data Discovery

Guardium’s Automated Data Discovery feature is a crucial tool for data governance.

It automatically identifies sensitive data such as personal information, intellectual property, or financial data within the cloud environment.

Businesses can implement more targeted and effective security controls by knowing where this sensitive data resides.


  • Robust compliance features simplify regulatory adherence
  • Centralized visibility improves monitoring and response to security threats
  • Automated data discovery helps in efficient data governance.
  • Backed by IBM’s strong reputation in the technology sector


  • The complex interface might be daunting for less tech-savvy users

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix


IBM Security Guardium offers tailored price plans to interested users. Book a call from their Sales department for a price quote.

Final Verdict

IBM Security Guardium, with its emphasis on regulatory compliance and centralized visibility, is a potent tool for large organizations looking to secure their data across diverse cloud environments.

Despite its complex interface and higher cost, its robust features make it a worthwhile option for businesses with significant data security needs.

5. Kindite


Kindite is a groundbreaking cloud data encryption solution that focuses on maintaining data privacy and sovereignty.

Built to empower businesses to control their data across various data environments, Kindite’s unique Cryptographic Encryption and Hold Your Key (HYOK) features to set it apart from traditional data protection solutions.

Top 3 Features

1. Support for Data Environments

Kindite’s support for various data environments is one of its best features.

Understanding that businesses operate across multiple cloud environments and on-premise systems, Kindite provides seamless encryption across all these platforms.

This wide range of compatibility ensures businesses can maintain consistent data security, irrespective of where their data resides.

2. Cryptographic Encryption

The Cryptographic Encryption feature of Kindite provides robust data protection by utilizing advanced encryption algorithms.

These algorithms encrypt data so it becomes unreadable to anyone without the corresponding decryption key.

This ensures data remains secure at all times, even when transmitted between different systems or cloud environments.

3. Hold Your Key (HYOK)

Kindite’s HYOK feature is a revolutionary approach to data access control.

It allows organizations to manage their encryption keys independently, ensuring they have full control over their data access.

This means that even if a cloud provider’s system is compromised, the data remains secure as the provider doesn’t have access to the encryption key.


  • Supports a wide array of data environments, enhancing its versatility
  • Cryptographic encryption provides a high level of data security.
  • HYOK feature gives businesses full control of their data
  • Helps meet various regulatory compliance requirements


  • Difficult to access the website
  • information for the software available online is insufficient

Supported Platforms

  • Windows


Kindite offers customized pricing based on the specific needs of the organization. Businesses can contact Kindite’s sales team for a detailed quote.

Final Verdict

Kindite’s robust data protection features and compatibility with various data environments make it a comprehensive cloud data encryption solution.

Despite the need for some technical knowledge to fully utilize its features, the level of control and security it offers makes it a prime choice for businesses of all sizes.

6. Nimbox


Nimbox is a secure cloud collaboration platform that emphasizes data privacy and protection.

The platform has features like Secure Cloud Collaboration, Anti-Ransomware, and Access Control, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to collaborate and securely share data in the cloud.

Top 3 Features

1. Secure Cloud Collaboration

The Secure Cloud Collaboration feature of Nimbox allows teams to work together on shared files in a secure cloud environment.

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All data is encrypted, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and safe from cyber threats.

This feature simplifies team collaboration without compromising data security.

2. Anti-Ransomware

Nimbox’s Anti-Ransomware feature offers additional protection against malicious software that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.

By continuously monitoring for suspicious activities and allowing users to recover encrypted files without paying a ransom, this feature provides a robust defense against ransomware attacks.

3. Access Control

The Access Control feature in Nimbox allows administrators to control who has access to specific data.

This feature is crucial for maintaining data integrity and preventing unauthorized access.

By setting user roles and permissions, Nimbox ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive data.


  • Secure Cloud Collaboration enhances teamwork without compromising security.
  • Anti-Ransomware provides robust protection against ransomware threats.
  • The access Control feature allows for effective user role management
  • The easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to users of all technical levels.


  • Some users might find the data recovery process to be complex.
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support may be a drawback for some users

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS


Free 14-day trial for each plan.

  • Standard: £10 per user/month + VAT
  • Premium: £16 per user/month + VAT
  • Enterprise: £25 per user/month +VAT

Final Verdict

Nimbox, with its secure cloud collaboration and robust anti-ransomware features, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their cloud data security.

While it has a few drawbacks, its overall functionality and security make it a reliable choice for secure cloud collaboration.

7. NordLocker


NordLocker is a product of NordVPN, one of the leaders in online privacy and security.

The software is designed to provide end-to-end encryption for data stored in the cloud.

It also offers a secure cloud storage solution and backup, ensuring your data is secure and recoverable in the event of a loss.

Top 3 Features

1. End-to-end Cloud Encryption

End-to-end cloud encryption is one of NordLocker’s standout features.

It ensures that data is encrypted on your local device prior to being uploaded to the cloud, ensuring it remains secure during transmission and while at rest in the cloud.

This feature offers an additional layer of security, as your data cannot be read without the correct decryption key, even if the cloud server is compromised.

2. Secure Cloud Storage

With NordLocker, you get more than just encryption – you also get a secure cloud storage solution.

You can securely store and access your encrypted files from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud storage is secured with the same level of encryption, ensuring your data is always protected.

3. Cloud Backup

NordLocker also provides a cloud backup feature.

This means that your encrypted files are stored securely and can be backed up in the cloud.

This is particularly useful in case of a system failure or data loss on your local device, as you can quickly recover your files from the cloud backup.


  • Provides end-to-end encryption for maximum data security
  • Secure cloud storage enables safe access to files from anywhere.
  • Cloud backup feature allows easy recovery of files
  • It comes with the reliability and trust associated with the NordVPN brand.


  • The software requires installation on your local device, which might not suit users looking for a purely web-based solution.
  • Higher-tier pricing plans could be expensive for some small businesses.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Personal Plans
    • Monthly Plans
      • Free 3 GB: $0
      • Personal 500 GB: $7.99/month
      • Personal Plus 2 TB: $19.99/month
    • Yearly Plans
      • Free 3 GB: $0
      • Personal 500 GB: $2.99/month billed annually
      • Personal Plus 2 TB: $6.99/month billed annually
  • Business Plans
    • Monthly Plans
      • Business 500 GB: $12.99/month per user
      • Business Plus 2 TB: $18.99/month per user
    • Yearly Plans
      • Business 500 GB: $8.99/month per user, billed annually
      • Business Plus 2 TB: $14.99/month per user, billed annually
    • Custom plan: Contact to get an offer tailored to your business.

Final Verdict

NordLocker provides a comprehensive cloud data encryption solution with its end-to-end encryption, secure cloud storage, and cloud backup features.

While the need for software installation and the pricing may not appeal to all users, the level of security and data protection it provides makes it a strong contender in the cloud data encryption market.

8. pCloud


pCloud is a cloud storage solution that extends beyond offering storage space by providing strong encryption capabilities.

Known for its user-friendly interface and unique lifetime pricing option, pCloud offers features like client-side encryption, multi-device access, and multi-layered protection to cater to a broad range of cloud storage and security needs.

Top 3 Features

1. Client-side Encryption

With pCloud’s client-side encryption, your data is encrypted on your device before it is uploaded to the cloud.

This ensures that your files are protected from the moment they leave your device, and they remain encrypted until you access and decrypt them.

This process adds a layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your files in the cloud.

2. Multi-Device Access

In the era of digital mobility, access to your files across various devices is crucial. pCloud offers multi-device access, allowing you to access your encrypted files from any device.

Whether you’re on a PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can access your files on the go while maintaining the same level of security.

3. Multi-Layered Protection

pCloud provides multi-layered protection to safeguard your data.

Besides encryption, it also protects against physical damage and server failure by storing five copies of your data on different servers.

Moreover, pCloud protects your data against malware and malicious attacks, ensuring your files are always safe and secure.


  • Client-side encryption provides high-level security for your files.
  • Multi-device access allows flexibility and convenience.
  • Multi-layered protection ensures data safety against various threats.
  • Offers a unique lifetime pricing option


  • Client-side encryption is available only in the premium subscription.
  • The interface, while user-friendly, might seem basic to some users
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Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Individual Plans
    • Monthly
      • Premium 500 GB: $4.99
      • Premium Plus 2 TB: $ 9.99
    • Annual
      • Premium 500 GB: $49.99
      • Premium Plus 2 TB: $99.99
    • Lifetime
      • Premium 500 GB: $199 ONE-TIME PAYMENT
      • Premium Plus 2 TB: $399 ONE-TIME PAYMENT
      • Custom Plan 10 TB: $1190 ONE-TIME PAYMENT
  • Family Plan
    • 2 TB pCloud for Family: $595 ONE-TIME PAYMENT
    • 10 TB pCloud for Family: $1499 ONE-TIME PAYMENT
  • Business Plan
    • Business
      • Monthly Subscription: $9.99 PER USER / MONTH
      • Yearly Subscription: $7.99 PER USER / MONTH
    • Business Pro
      • Monthly Subscription: $19.98 PER USER / MONTH
      • Yearly Subscription: $15.98 PER USER / MONTH

Final Verdict

pCloud offers a comprehensive suite of features for cloud storage and data encryption. While client-side encryption is reserved for premium users, its multi-device access, multi-layered protection, and its unique lifetime pricing option make pCloud an appealing choice for personal and business users.

Best of the Best

While all the software listed provides excellent features for cloud data encryption, the top three standouts are:

  1. ShareArchiver: ShareArchiver tops our list with its comprehensive features, including secure archiving, robust data encryption, and eDiscovery. The software offers businesses a reliable and efficient way to secure their data in the cloud.
  2. Boxcryptor: Boxcryptor comes in second with its end-to-end encryption, secure authentication, and independent security audit. The software ensures data security and privacy for various cloud storage providers.
  3. GarbleCloud: Our top three are GarbleCloud, with its military-grade encryption, secure external sharing, and ability to search on encrypted files. These advanced features make it a robust tool for businesses seeking comprehensive cloud data encryption solutions.


In today’s digital world, data security has become a top priority for all businesses, regardless of their sizes.

As more organizations shift their operations to the cloud, the need for robust cloud data encryption software has never been more crucial.

Our detailed guide offers an overview of the top tools in the market, each offering a unique set of features designed to provide a secure cloud environment for your data.

At the top of our list is ShareArchiver, an all-encompassing tool offering secure archiving, data encryption, and eDiscovery.

Whether you’re dealing with intellectual property, sensitive client information, or other critical data, ShareArchiver provides an unmatched level of security.

We encourage you to try out ShareArchiver and experience the benefits of cloud encryption first-hand.


1. What factors should I consider when choosing Cloud Data Encryption software?

When choosing a cloud data encryption software, consider its encryption strength, compliance with regulatory requirements, supported platforms, ease of use, customer support, and cost. Ensuring the software offers end-to-end encryption and robust access control features is also important.

2. How does data encryption work in a cloud environment?

In a cloud environment, data encryption works by converting data into a coded form before it’s transferred to the cloud. Only those with the decryption key can convert the data back into its original form. This ensures that even if data is intercepted during transmission or accessed while stored in the cloud, it will be unreadable without the decryption key.

3. Why is it important for cloud data encryption software to support multiple platforms?

Cloud data can be accessed from various devices like PCs, tablets, and mobile devices that run on different operating systems. Therefore, it’s important for cloud data encryption software to support multiple platforms, ensuring you can access and secure your data no matter what device you use.

4. Can cloud data encryption software help in meeting regulatory compliance requirements?

Many regulatory standards require data to be encrypted in transit and at rest. Encryption software can help meet these regulatory requirements by encrypting your cloud data and protecting you from potential fines and penalties.

5. What is end-to-end encryption, and why is it important for cloud data security?

End-to-end encryption ensures data is encrypted on your device before it’s transferred to the cloud and remains encrypted until you decrypt it. This means that no one, including the cloud provider, can read your data while in the cloud, providing an important layer of security for sensitive data.

6. How does cloud data encryption software protect against insider threats?

Cloud data encryption software ensures only authorized users with the decryption key can access encrypted data. This can prevent insider threats as unauthorized users within the organization cannot access or read encrypted data, even if they have access to the cloud storage system.

7. How important are features like multi-factor authentication and access control in cloud data encryption software?

Multi-factor authentication and access control are crucial for data security. Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of protection by requiring users to verify their identity in multiple ways. Access control allows you to manage the access to what data, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

8. What is the role of decryption keys in cloud data encryption?

Decryption keys are used to convert encrypted data back into its original, readable form. Only those with the correct decryption key can read the data. This is why it’s crucial to keep your decryption keys secure.

9. Can cloud data encryption protect against security threats like phishing attacks and ransomware?

Yes, by encrypting your data, cloud data encryption software can protect against ransomware attacks by making your data unreadable to hackers. While it may not directly prevent phishing attacks, it ensures that any data accessed through such an attack is unreadable without the decryption key.

10. How can cloud data encryption software protect my intellectual property stored in the cloud?

Cloud data encryption software encrypts your data, making it unreadable to unauthorized users. Even if your cloud storage is breached, your intellectual property remains secure as it cannot be accessed or read without the decryption key.