File & SharePoint Archiving; Costs and Productivity

Without an effective file and SharePoint archiving system in place, backup times and costs for data recovery and e-discovery become very expensive. Traditional means of backup for data require endless tape or cartridge backups and specialist personnel which costs valuable employee time that could be used elsewhere; not to mention retrieval time if files need to be restored.

Manually managing storage without an appropriate Archive system in place can be disastrous, with the implementation of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) practices to improve sustainable IT, servers and the data cartridges required for backups have increased costs due to the improved manufacturing processes and fees. Costs continue to rise for the materials to maintain an internal server system yet functionality remains poor and slow. relying on a backup system alone for data recovery is unlikely to provide a good return on investment and is likely to cost the business far more than it would cost to implement an effective archive solution.

ShareArchiver Solutions

ShareArchiver has been developed with the need for optimized storage management in mind. Your business relies on large data volumes being stored efficiently, with security being tantamount. Companies rely on multimedia data, and collaborative systems for their success which creates huge volumes of material to be stored, often consuming excessive premium storage space, endless cartridges for backups and incredible amounts of time spent when requiring even a single file to be retrieved. Keeping TCO practices in mind, ShareArchiver is the solution for all of your storage management needs.

Removing duplicate data and implementing state of the art stubbing technology and supporting versioning are key facets of ShareArchiver which significantly reduce costs for your firm. In place of large files which take significant time to search and retrieve not to mention the hidden costs of storing the data on primary storage, stubbing technology allows for a small file to be saved in place of the original larger file which links to the main file and can be accessed in a fraction of the time a typical retrieval system takes.

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SharePoint Optimisation

Although ShareArchiver seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms, one major benefit is the storage and performance optimization of SharePoint. As you are aware, when you use SharePoint for collaboration and virtual office accessibility the files and volume of data can be immense, and accessing required items can consume valuable employee time that could be used in production rather than waiting on files. ShareArchiver drastically decreases the time spent searching and retrieving files, and can easily be incorporated in a in-house or private cloud-based system, easing the deployment an significantly boosting production.

With the goal of an information sharing system being incorporated into a single site, SharePoint can quickly become very expensive due to the massive storage requirements for the data required by your employees, The document retention policies, and the share number of files stored have a direct impact on site performance also. One has the challenge of managing the SharePoint databases sizes for backups and performance whilst also making sure the user experience is optimized. As projects and document versions become old you need an automated solution to archive and reclaim the database storage whilst making sure the data is available to the users. This can only be achieved by an archive solution such as ShareArchiver. ShareArchiver’s unique features drastically cut down on storage space requirements and optimize site performance which directly maximizes user and organizational productivity.

Scalability and Flexibility

Without sacrificing security or working against sustainable IT practices (TCO), ShareArchiver offers you a powerful solution for storage management which is completely scalable, and the infrastructure flexibility ensures maximum performance without a large capital investment. A ShareArchiver solution deployed for your business will significantly reduce the cost of your archiving needs while maximizing employee productivity which is a win-win scenario.

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