Maximizing Data Assets -Explore 9 Benefits of File Server Archiving Software

Benefits of File Server Archiving Software

Data protection and management always remain the biggest challenge of every organization and thankfully you can overcome this challenge with a file server archiving software. This one tool can unlock multiple features that streamline data management practices while helping you prevent data loss. 

Today, I am planning to uncover 9 key benefits of a file server archiving solution that underscore the importance and value of file server archiving software in today’s dynamic and data-driven environment.

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Backup Capabilities
  • Security
  • Automated File Archiving
  • Comprehensive Data Protection
  • Management
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Lower Cost
  • Automatic Data Capture

1-Regulatory Compliance

When you have a file server archiving software at your side then your organization enjoy peace of mind knowing that this tool will offer systematic management and retention of sensitive data, which is essential for regulatory compliance. It’s easy for you to create specific data retention policies based on your industry’s rules and regulations. 

You can automate the archival process and implement access control with a single click on the dashboard. As a result, it becomes easy to keep confidential data secure and reduce the risk of penalties and regulatory violations.

Your confidential data remains inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. In case of any compliance breach, the system administrator will get an alert and readily initiate remediation action. It means you can maintain compliance proactively.

In case your organization has to face any regulatory audit or legal proceeding then software offers complete transparency and accountability.

2-Backup Capabilities

One of the main benefits of file server archiving software is its backup capabilities. Most of the time, backup is fully automated, and your system admin has to do the settings.

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For example, you can go with incremental or frequent backup based on your business requirements. Since you have a proper backup file, it allows you to restore your data from the cloud in case a natural disaster hits your physical database.

You can reduce the risk of data loss due to unauthorized access, human errors, or hardware failures. Organizations set up incremental backups to make the most of their cloud storage solution while keeping the cost of storage as minimal as possible.

When you utilize a robust file server archiving software such as ShareArchiver, it will allow you to restore previous versions of accidentally deleted or corrupted files. Sometimes, an internal threat is set by your employees and they delete the vital files. But, once you have data stored on the cloud server, it will facilitate quick recovery.

System administrators can take advantage of centralized management of backup activities. They can define backup policies and choose backup frequency as per their requirements. Besides, it becomes easy to control all the data from one point and implement a resilient data protection strategy to protect critical data assets.


File server archiving software unlocks multiple data security features such as encryption protocols, user authentication mechanisms, and access control. These features help you create robot defense mechanisms against cyber threats. This tool will shield your confidential information and protect it from potential data leaks or breaches. Once you utilize these features, only authorized people can access the database and unauthorized personnel can’t steal your data. When it comes to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your business data, this software plays a vital role in overall defense. 

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4-Automated File Archiving

When you invest in a robust file server archiving solution, it usually offers you automation capabilities to streamline data management. There is no need to put a file or document in the archive or do any manual intervention at all. System administrators can set archival policies and schedules. The software will automatically archive files based on usage patterns, age or file type. 

5-Comprehensive Data Protection

The archiving solution is designed with multiple data protection features such as disaster recovery, versioning controls, backup and recovery. When versioning control is enabled then you can easily restore the previous version of an accidentally deleted file. In case of any catastrophic event that damages a physical database, your organization can minimize downtime with disaster recovery features. You can continue your normal business operation without causing any financial loss.


System administrators can oversee, maintain and control the archival activities of your organization through a centralized interface of a file server archive software. They can define archival policies, keep an eye on cloud storage, and look into access patterns from a single pane. It’s easy to restrict or permit access based on roles and departments. Most software brings automated reporting and auditing features so the admin can get the archival report and latest updates with a single click.

7-Enhanced Productivity

Another benefit of investing in reliable file archiving software is to boost the productivity of your IT department. Admin needs to set policies once and there won’t be any need to do manual intervention from time to time. Automated archival processes reduce the work burden on your IT staff who can focus on other important tasks. They can easily handle strategic data tasks without wasting their time and energy on manual data management.

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8-Lower Cost

Every organization can save a significant amount of money through a file server archiving software such as ShareArchiver. This tool will help you make the most of your storage resources while minimizing the work burden on your admin.

When you start using features like tiered storage, compression, and data deduplication, you can dial down the storage cost. Automated archival process helps you reduce labor costs as well. Since all your data is well protected, thereby you can reduce the risk of data loss and non-compliance. As a result, you can easily prevent regulatory fines, litigation expenses, etc.

9-Automatic Data Capture

Another benefit of file server archiving software is automatic data capture. Your IT staff doesn’t have to do any manual intervention as the system will automatically capture and archive data. Your whole file archival process is streamlined because you set a specific schedule for it. As a result, data will be achieved safely and promptly. This automation reduces the risk of data loss and improves data governance. 

Wrap Up

When you use ShareArchiver for automatic data capture, it will also capture metadata and contextual information. Thereby, if you later need data for analytics, compliance or any decision-making process, you can easily do whatever you have in mind. So, don’t think any more? It’s time to invest in ShareArchive because this one solution helps you save money while keeping your digital assets well-protected.