Data Archiving Software for Government Organizations

An all-rounder data archiving software to help government organizations streamline their data security and archiving. Get your hands on this fantastic, cost-effective data management software to increase storage capacity and safety.

Government agencies need to store and access large amounts of data daily. Effective data governance, regulatory compliance, and quick data retrieval are critical for day-to-day operations in such a highly regulated environment. With our data management software, you no longer need to worry about data loss!

As a government institution, you must hold on to sensitive data. However, having such confidential data open might be perilous. To ensure data safety from cyber threats and perform effective compliance management, you can now use efficient data archiving software and keep all your data encrypted.

To ease your nerves, we have a data management system that can give you data safety and help you meet your regulatory requirements for each government sector unit simultaneously.

Long-term retention of data is the key to tracking down your loopholes. And with data archiving software, you can access, restore, and search for data while cutting operational costs.

Secure Data Archiving & Data Management Solutions for Government Organizations

  • Seamless data management, data retrieval, and data archiving process
  • Set custom organization-specific criteria for access to ensure data safety
  • Reduces the burden on your organization’s IT department while improving their focus
  • Reduced overall data storage costs
  • Meets all legal compliance standards
  • Store data with industry-leading deduplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology
  • Leverages data visualization and pre-saving data analysis
  • Improves data navigation through powerful full-text search

Cost-Effective Data Storage Solutions


ShareArchiver is a robust all-in-one file archiving and management solution ideal for government enterprises.

time savings

Analyze and Visualize Your Data Usage

Create an informed data archiving strategy using our data visualization tool. Through robust data analysis, you can categorize a wide variety of data more efficiently and prepare the best strategy for efficient data storage.

server secure compliance

No Hassle Integration With Current Systems

ShareArchiver is dependable and easily integrated data archiving software that can help you manage multiple file servers at hand from a centralized.

data e-discovery

No User Impact

Users can use stubs (ghost files) to gain rapid access to data without changing screens or tabs. Ensure the security of your large amounts of data with our data governance features.

archive policies

Lower Costs With Archive Storage

Save up to 80% in storage space and reap the cost benefits with archive storage and improved data accessibility and analysis.

user friendly

Powerful E-Discovery Tools

Data search became easier than ever! With our robust search tool, you can improve the accessibility of your data. Search through thousands of data points in minutes and gain access to your archived data.

What Our Data Archiving Software Has to Offer

ShareArchiver is one of the best archiving tools for government organizations needing on-prem or cloud storage for data archiving and management.

cloud solution

Cloud-Archiving Solution

A versatile, secure, and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our cloud archiving service provides immutable, high-performance storage to public-sector companies.

Securely manage your data with ease using cloud-scalable software solutions, volume-based SaaS model pricing, user support, disaster recovery, and no up-front software costs.

prem solution

On-Premise Data Archiving Solution

Our platform provides smooth installation, unified LDAP integration, and dedicated support for government agencies and departments that deal with sensitive data and need custom in-house storage solutions.

Do you need a hybrid cloud data archiving solution? You can use a public cloud or backup software while archiving PST files. Upgrade your data retention policy now using a centralized data archive storage solution and prevent any data corruption over time.