The Importance of Deduplication of Data

Of all of the tasks that a high-quality file archiving system provides, deduplication of data is one of the most crucial. Many end users are under the mistaken impression that a storage system’s most essential elements are in their density and capacity, but the real question lies in how the system performs and making sure that clients are getting the most bang for their buck. This is increasingly true as more workloads become centralized. It is essential for end users working at virtual desktops to be able to access information quickly; data duplication puts an inordinate amount of stress on storage. Add that to the increasing amount of data that is being generated and stored on a single operating system, and the need becomes even more apparent.

Though there are a number of different data storage options that have been historically available – and that storage architects are continuing to create – not all of them answer clients’ needs. Straight flash storage systems provide a lot of benefits but do so at a very high cost when compared to traditional magnetic media. Though solid state disks don’t have the same capacity as spinning disks, proper use of technology allows solid state disks to be used as the basis for storage arrays that provide excellent performance and at the same time adding data deduplication that minimizes that eliminates much of the capacity need. Though some companies offer deduplication as an additional offering, it is part and parcel of ShareArchiver’s system and one of the key advantages that we are able to offer. By measuring data, identifying duplication, and removing extraneous copies, ShareArchiver provides clients with a much-reduced capacity need while keeping data readily available at a moment’s notice. Additionally, users are able to tailor their archiving preferences based on a number of individual criteria based on what is most important to them.

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The beauty of ShareArchiver’s system lies in the control and power that it puts into the end users’ hands. Organizations are able to establish policy based on their own criteria. Documents can be safeguarded against editing or modification, end-user access can be controlled while still allowing sharing of information and immediate access. The deduplication of data provides clients with an effective capacity that is far greater than their previous understanding of their capacity needs, while also providing lightning-fast real-time access.