About ShareArchiver


ShareArchiver offers carrier-grade solutions for enterprise data and storage management with a particular focus on integration, seamless deployment and usability.

Our solutions are designed to help organizations lower costs via storage management, and to mitigate risk and exposure related to data discovery, disaster recovery, and compliance. We work with small and medium enterprises across a variety of industries, including construction, media, government, and health.

About ShareArchiver

Storage Management

We provide organizations with the tools required to manage large volumes of data and improve accessibility while lowering costs. ShareArchiver streamlines unstructured data discovery, provides full Text Search and retrieval of archived data.

Our file archiving solution is simple enough to manage up to petabyte-scale volumes without advanced IT experience, but robust enough to work seamlessly with complex multi-site server configurations.

storage management

Our Team

We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. Our support team, development and QA teams are well known for their support and quality of service to our customers, ensuring we deliver a quality product to our customers across North America, the EMEA and the world.


Quick Facts

  • ZShareArchiver was founded in 2013.
  • ZWe shipped our first software in 2013 and our client base has expanded each year.
  • ZShareArchiver solutions are now in use in North America , Europe, Asia and Middle East.
  • ZShareAchiver is designed for volume and high availability, currently managing PB’s volume.
quick facts

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You may call us (855) 927-2448 or email info@sharearchiver.com