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Storage Management Software

Many organizations struggle with whether to invest in a storage management solution. Though some claim that it is an unnecessary expense and that the process can be accomplished with the equipment and software on hand, others point to the addition of storage management software as an important asset that allows greater efficiencies for an organization’s operations. To determine whether storage management software is right for you, consider the two most important features that storage management solutions provide: unified storage management of numerous arrays through a single interface and accurate reporting on both available free space and data usage. Though other features are important, these two are the most basic capabilities.


Unified Storage Management:

When you provide your organization with a storage management solution, you immediately free up tremendous amounts of storage space by providing a global deduplication process. The ShareArchiver system works across different vendor hardware systems, providing medium and large organizations that have invested in a variety of different servers over the years to easily migrate, archive and access data without complications or difficulties. The system allows cross-server redundancies to be eliminated and diverse primary storage to be reserved for data that is used most frequently, while less frequently-accessed data remains immediately available, no matter what system it was created on, via stub technology. The process is invisible to the end user, yet completely controllable based on protocols established by the organization.


The accuracy of Analytical and Reporting Data Across the System:

The other important feature provided by storage management software is the ability to provide essential information on data and storage, including available storage space throughout the system as well as how much space is currently in use on each separate array throughout the organization. The system must be able to provide information on space that is able to be reclaimed, as well as which servers are using the greatest percentage of storage resources. Unlike reports generated by systems that are widespread, and which fail to provide an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of the system’s health and data usage, storage management software that is based upon a unified storage management system allows data to be seen and interpreted quickly on a system-wide basis, and acted upon almost immediately, usually by creating and applying new protocols based on the organization’s needs.

By utilizing a storage management software program that looks at the organization’s storage architecture as a whole, your company is able to have confidence in its allocation of storage as well as in its understanding of where data is being generated, and where it is being wasted.