Data Archive Appliance

The Best Data Archive Appliance for Small Business

Organisations continue to generate data and to cope with the continued rise in volumes the need to purchase bigger SAN’s and higher capacity solutions is ever increasing, in order to cater for these larger volumes – organisations may also upgrade backup solutions along with larger bandwidth WAN connections to cope with increased data transfers to offsite backups. Yet more than 70% of this accumulated data may be old and occasionally accessed. It could be argued the better approach would be to move this old data to cheaper offline storage volumes in such a way where older data can be offloaded to a different and cheaper storage platform, while users continue to access their data with transparent access.

ShareArchiver helps organisations achieve a better data management strategy, our appliances are particularly popular for this reason since they offer a complete solution for archiving, i.e. a single platform with on-board storage, we have a range of appliances to suite small, medium and larger enterprises. The storage element is customisable to every organisations requirement.

ShareArchiver Appliances can be daisy chained together to amplify capacity, and can cater for 100’sTB or Peta byte deployments.

Our appliances are plug n play appliances offer an all in one solution for data archiving from file servers. The solutions can analyse data, and help you create custom policies.

  • Plug & Play secure On-premise Solution
  • Daisy chain servers expand archive Storage
  • One Vendor for Hardware/Software support
  • Fully LDAP integrated
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Protection against bit-rot