File Server E-Discovery

Organisations are seeking better ways to manage data and make information available when needed. With the ShareArchiver e-discovery solution, administrators can extend search functionality to file servers. ShareArchiver gives users the ability to crawl the file servers and index files including content and file properties. The indexing process also stores the security information which is used during user searches to ensure users are only presented with their own files. Archived content and file server data is searchable through a single, unified interface.

Solution E-Discovery Highlights

  • LDAP Integration
  • FULL TEXT content Search
  • File metadata search
  • Search supports over 90 languages

Summary – ShareArchiver E-Discovery Benefits

Search Archived Data

Archived data is searchable through the ShareArchiver search interface; users log in using SSO (Single Sign On).

Search File Server Data

Index file server data and extend search to user; a single interface used to search for data across archived data and file servers.