Grow Faster By Providing File Archiving Services

  • Offer a quality robust and affordable archiving solution to your customers.
  • A scalable multi-tenant solution – Offering low cost of ownership.
  • Maximize customer retention,  profits & ROI

ShareArchiver’s Service Provider Edition is a solution for Hosted Service Providers and  IT Companies that are looking to expand their service offerings and provide additional value for customers by offering file archiving . Especially Service Providers looking to offer cloud services and expand their existing portfolio of services e.g. backup, File Archiving is an excellent complementary service.

This multi-tenant edition of ShareArchiver allows you to host multiple customers on one deployment, leading to higher ROI and customer satisfaction.

ShareArchiver is the Solution to Your Customer’s Data and storage Management Needs

ShareArchiver is a powerful all-in-one file archiving and management solution that is customizable to the needs of organizations in every industry.

Automated Archiving Saves Time

Set rules in the system to automatically archive files that meet custom, organization-specific criteria.

Meet Compliance & Security Standards

We use industry-leading de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption, and SSL technology to protect customer data from ransom-ware and keep sensitive data safe and secure.

Analyze and Visualize Your Data Usage

Allow your customers to analyze and visually see the potential storage gains before they archive to understand potential cost savings.

No Hassle Integration With Current Systems

ShareArchiver is lightweight and easily integrated with an organization’s current software. Manage multiple file servers with ease from one centralized location.

Lower Customer’s Costs With Archive Storage

Make your customers happy by saving them up to 80% in storage space to reap the cost benefits with archive storage, along with improved data accessibility and analysis.

Powerful File Search Allows Users To Always Find What They Need

Improve data accessibility with our powerful FULL TEXT search functionality. Users can search through million’s of data files and easily find the files they need in archive using content keywords from text based files.

Customer Experiences No User Impact.

ShareArchiver offers state of the art stubbing technology conserves massive storage volumes without any impact on users, users have access to stubs (ghost files) for immediate access to data without migrating to a different screen or view.

Dedicated User Support

Our support team is here to help you and your customers with any questions or issues they may have.

Deploy and Start Archiving

ShareArchiver can be deployed for multiple customers using commodity hardware in a  fault tolerant configuration, or in the Azure Cloud. This allows you to meet the individual needs of your customer and their specific data management requirements.  With dedicated support from ShareArchiver, you and your customers will experience a smooth transition to better data management. 

ShareArchiver ISP Deployment

ShareArchiver’s archiving solution is built for large volumes of archive data. It’s highly scalable architecture allows for hundreds of terabytes  of data to be archived with small hardware requirements.

Virtual Image Deployment

A fully integrated virtual image with all required components and no external dependency can be downloaded and deployed easily.

High Availability

ShareArchiver utilizes multiple server architecture to offer high availability, in case If 1 server is not available requests are handled by another server.

Highly Scalable

Different components are from best of breed software solutions with a proven track record in performance and scalability.

Low Startup & Management Cost

ShareArchiver is a highly stable solution, require low levels of management and time investment.

Built-in Multi Tenancy

A single deployment is capable of managing and supporting 100’s of companies.

Recommended Minimum System Requirements

  • 10GB RAM
  • 4 x vCPU
  • 200GB SSD storage
  • Archive storage as per requirement.

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Happier Customers = More Business

Partner with ShareArchiver today and offer your customers an easily deploy-able data management and archiving solution. Thousands of happy users trust ShareArchiver to reduce their storage costs and improve their file accessibility.

If you are a Hosted Service Provider or IT company looking to expand your service offering, talk to us today and find out how you can expand your portfolio with ShareArchiver and offer your customers a cost-effective and functional archiving solution.

About ShareArchiver

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