ShareArchiver Virtual Appliance

ShareArchiver virtual appliances are  very popular and offer the perfect solution to ever-increasing storage demands, our appliances are particularly popular since they offer a complete end-to-end solution for storage management and Data management with seamless end user access to archived data, a vendor neutral solution to support a holistic archive solution.

Our appliances have been built from the ground up featuring many enterprise features, such as

  • Data Analysis and Data Pattern Visualisation
  • Data De-duplication & Data Compression
  • E-Discovery and Security & compliance
  • Windows Integrated Stubbing Technology.

ShareArchiver aims to benefit organisations by reducing overall data volumes and delivering high availability (HA) to end users with out any impact on data accessibility. A single unified platform with direct integration with Cloud S3 storage offering unlimited storage, with no external dependencies – our appliances offer great value for money  – Data is de-duplicated and compressed further reducing storage requirements and with LDAP integration allowing end user’s to search data on demand.

ShareArchiver Virtual Appliances ready for Vmware and Hyper-V are cloud ready and can cater for 100’sTB or Petabytes deployments. Our appliances are plug-n-play appliances and offer an all in one solution for data archiving.

Some of the benefits of ShareArchiver are as follows

  • Reduce Storage capacities by archiving upto 80% of your data.
  • A more efficient and responsive File Server.
  • Data management across ROBO (Remote Office Branch Offices) site.
  • Efficient backup/Restore (meet RPO/RTO targets)
  • E-Discovery and Compliance, meet Regulations (GDPR/HIPPA)