ShareArchiver Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareArchiver?

ShareArchiver is a holistic file archiving and data management solution, designed to manage large volumes of data residing on file servers. The solution is easy to deploy and use. It offers seamless and integrated access to archived content through file stubs (ghost files which take up zero bytes).

Archived data is indexed securely and can be searched using a powerful full-text search engine.

How does it work?

ShareArchiver is typically deployed as a standalone solution or a distributed multi-tenant SaaS solution.

A prebuilt virtual machine can easily be deployed and used as the archiving endpoint.

ShareArchiver is a Java application and can be deployed on any OS or any platform. It requires no external databases or solutions. Simply connect ShareArchiver to your internal or network secondary archive storage (such as NAS, SAN or SAS/Cloud storage) and start archiving.

It is a cost-effective, all-in-one file archiving solution that allows users to:

  • Analyse data and produce charts that make understanding data easy and effective.
  • Create effective policies for maximum efficiency.
  • Reduce storage costs and optimize data backup and recovery.
  • Automate archiving processes to boost productivity.

Eliminate archive management costs—ShareArchiver is a self-maintaining system.

What is file stubbing?

File stubbing is the process of moving a file to archive storage and is replaced by a ghost file (stub files).  For the purpose of shrinking storage utilization without any user impact. The stub file looks and feels like the original file, including the file properties (i.e. name, size), and seamlessly behaves as the original file.

How much does it cost?

The cost for ShareArchiver will vary based upon your requirements. Cloud deployments are the most cost-effective way to offload your data to a secure archive, offering the same experience as an on-premise solution without the upfront cost.

Contact us to learn about pay-as-you-go models as well as per TB monthly plans.

How fast and easy is it to implement?

ShareArchiver is simple to deploy and use. Once implemented, users can simply log-in using network credentials to access files in seconds. The system retains existing file structures and metadata to provide users with a seamless experience, and existing permissions enable transparent data access.

If I don’t have archive storage, can I still archive?

Yes. ShareArchiver offers plug-and-play appliances that archive your data to a central archive system. These robust archiving appliances are designed to be extremely resilient, and are custom-built to your specific data storage requirements.

Can I deploy a single archive even if I have multiple, distributed file servers?

Yes. ShareArchiver offers a central archive repository for your distributed file servers, regardless of remote location. You may archive data across the WAN or LAN using remotely installed agents to run archive jobs. Our global de-duplication processes allow you to store a single copy of each file, only uploading data that does not already exist on the remote server.

Why should I use ShareArchiver?

ShareArchiver offers many advantages over its competition, both in-house and through competitive vendors. Here are some of the major reasons why customers love ShareArchiver:

  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Data compression and replication for added cost savings
  • Flexible licensing and deployment options
  • Powerful, built-in e-discovery tools
  • Centralized management of distributed file servers
  • Complete data export facilities and options
  • No external dependencies

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