3 Ways File Archiving Reduces Gaming Data Storage Costs

Reduce Gaming Data Storage Costs

Here are 3 ways that having an efficient file archiving system can reduce gaming data storage costs.

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Retail File Archiving: A Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Data Storage

Retail File Archiving

Your retail business has always relied on data, but not like it does today. Learn how retail file archiving can save on costs and performance slow-downs.

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Lower Construction Data Storage Costs in 3 Simple Steps

Lower Construction Data Storage Costs

Construction data storage costs have been on the rise. With revenue generation and cost savings as key focus areas, it’s easy to run off the rails. After all, there is so much information to track and utilize. From the estimating/pre-construction process to reconciliation of sub bids, from tracking subcontractor input to analyzing historical spec rates, you need a way to improve your back-office integration that gives you immediate access to customer, product and reference data. Storing all of your valuable information in a way that still leaves it accessible may sound like a formula for adding to your costs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Lowering your construction data storage costs is a project that can result in direct and indirect savings. Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps.

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5 Ways to Make Productivity a Priority in your Business

Make productivity a business priority

Is productivity a priority in your business? Over the last thirty years, businesses have been gifted with a number of innovative tools that have created a sea change in ability. Here are 5 ways to make productivity a priority in your business.

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How to Store Digital Media Files for Optimal Productivity

Store Digital Media Files

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity organizations face today is in file storage. Particularly, the proper way to store media files. Archiving data has seemingly always presented a storage issue. The advent of big data at rest and big data in motion means you need to understand how it is used and what challenges it presents. Most importantly, you need to make sure that your organization has high performance storage architecture to accommodate large streaming files.

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How to Maintain Retail Productivity to Effectively Compete

Retail Productivity

Retailers have the same end goal as any other business – to make money. But the retail environment is different. Your business model requires a greater emphasis on productivity. Your mission is to maximize sales while minimizing investments in inventory, space, people, and time. The best way to do that is to increase your retail operation’s efficiency. Though there is much to be said about inventory management, effective utilization of space, and the impact of mobile applications on sales, technology is what drives productivity most today. A technologically savvy staff that is well-trained and fairly compensated is a retailer’s most valuable asset. Here are some tips on how focusing on employee enablement and advocacy can boost retail productivity and help you beat the competition.

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The New Construction Productivity Paradigm

New Construction Productivity Paradigm

Over the last several years, construction companies have really struggled with productivity. Their ability to get more done through more traditional approaches to efficiency has provided smaller and smaller returns, leaving them struggling for ways to do more with less. By adopting a new construction productivity paradigm that allows you to cut costs while increasing output, you’re able to make changes to internal processes quickly and with ease. This provides your employees with more time to get their jobs done by eliminating roadblocks to efficiency and providing them with access to information wherever and whenever it is needed.

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How to Simplify Data Management Using Analytics

Simplify Data Management Using Analytics

Your organization gathers data for a number of reasons. Its most basic function is to help you operate efficiently and achieve your goals. Simplifying your data management makes it easier for you to use this information. It also reduces your data storage costs, development, and administration. Let’s explore how the right analytic tools can help simplify data management to give you the information you need when you need it.

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5 Data Analytics Mistakes Gaming Companies Make

Gaming Data Analytics

The gaming industry has been transformed by big data, but what happens when it is used incorrectly? Here are 5 data analytics mistakes gaming companies make.

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Transform Your Retail Business with Data Analytics

Retail Data Analytics

Data analytics have dramatically changed retail businesses around the world. You have likely witnesses this first-hand. Where your focus was once on bringing customers to your store, your challenge now is to bring your store to your customers. Wherever they are, whenever they want, your retail business must be available. Your ability to do this relies on having plenty of information about these customers. You need to find ways to put your data to good use.

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