Archiving 101 – Corporate File Archiving Basics

File Archiving Journey

File Archiving 101: The Basics on How to Save Space, Time and Money on Storage How it works, how to avoid common mistakes, and how our innovative stub-based approach keeps your archived files accessible. If your business uses computers to store work, records and other sensitive information, you probably have at least a passing familiarity…

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Why Physical File Archiving is on the Way Out

File Archiving manually is not an option

Why Physical File Archiving is on the Way Out Stop stocking up on external hard drives and make better use of your shared server with a software-based file archiving solution. Here’s how relying on physical storage can hamper your business. There is no shortage of reasons why you should be archiving your files, from improving…

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7 Reasons You Should Archive Your Company’s Data Now

7 Reasons You Should Archive Your Company's Data Now

There are many reasons to archive data, but mostly it comes down to aligning data preservation with other company goals such as keeping cost structures low and system performance high. While there are a variety of ways to archive older, unused data some are better than others. Solutions offering seamless data access and central policy…

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5 File Archiving Tips That Can Save You Thousands

5 File Archiving Tips That Can Save Your Company Thousands

Archiving your data can feel like a daunting task, especially the more data you have to manage. If you have been paying an ever-increasing amount of money to store and manage your data or suffering from long and cumbersome data backups, you should consider archiving your data. A quick audit of your data will show…

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5 Ways to Secure Construction Company Data

5 Ways to Secure Construction Company Data

How much time do you spend thinking about the security of your construction company data? If you are like most in the construction industry, you are probably focused on keeping your current projects on time and within budget. Perhaps even preparing the next bid simultaneously? Many construction companies have been slow to buy into computer technology, and slower still to recognizing their own data vulnerability.

Secure data is of the utmost importance, especially for companies that deal with a lot of financial information. Sure, you are vulnerable to spying from competitors, but it’s the risk your clients and employees face that matters most. Employment records, financials, and blueprints – it is all vulnerable to theft. You are also a potential victim of ransomware attacks. This is when hackers hold your data access hostage, releasing it only once they’ve received a payout. It’s a scary world – one in which you should never leave your data unprotected.

Here are 5 ways your construction company can secure its data starting now.

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Small Business Strategies for Data Backup & Recovery

Small Business Data Backup Strategies

For startups and small businesses alike, managing data backup and recovery effectively requires strategic thinking. Pairing the right solution with these strategies allow you to accomplish more without a major investment or commitment of resources. The first step in this process is to answer key questions about what data backup method you should be using. What information needs to be backed up? What are your data recovery objectives? Only once you’ve answered these questions can you determine what method of data backup you should use.

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Best Practices for Backing Up Media & Gaming Files

Best Practices for Media and Gaming File Backups

To gaming companies, 24/7 data access as well as secure disaster recovery is critical. Though data back-up is an essential component of operational integrity for businesses of all types, for the gaming industry it is probably the most important. Following best practices for backing up gaming files could be considered a matter of survival. This is because,…

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How to Securely Backup and Store Your Retail Files

Securely Backup and Store Your Retail Files

Safely storing and backing up retail files ensures that you are compliant with federal and state regulations. It also enables the careful analysis of data that can assist you in every area of your retail operation. From competitor sales alerts to fraud prevention, this data is invaluable. It is essential that you know how to securely backup and store all of your retail files for these reasons.

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A Guide to Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

It’s important to have a data backup and recovery plan so that your construction company will be able to return to normal operations in the event of significant data loss. Here’s a guide to data backup and recovery specifically for construction companies.

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5 Ways File Archiving Can Save Your Company Hundreds Each Year

5 ways file archiving can save your company hundreds

Your company’s rapidly growing data is a cost of doing business, but it can also be done affordably. Here are 5 ways file archiving can save your company hundreds each year.

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