5 Ways to Make Productivity a Priority in your Business

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Is productivity a priority in your business? Over the last thirty years, businesses have been gifted with a number of innovative tools that have created a sea change in ability. From teleconferencing to laptops, tablets and smartphones we are able to store more information, communicate, and access more data faster than ever.

Yet surveys show us that productivity is on the decline.

Why is that?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the last quarter of 2014, business output fell by 3.2% despite the fact that work hours increased by 5.1%. And business productivity decreased 1.8%.

When productivity falls, profitability is not far behind.

It is the responsibility of management to provide employees with the tools to be more productive. By incenting business employees to work smarter, businesses often see a rise in productivity. Productive workers are happy, profitable workers. That is great for business and your bottom line.

Here are five ways you can make productivity a priority in your business again.

Share profits with those who are driving them.

Employees who feel that their success is tied to the company’s success and vice versa are more productive. They will always seek to increase efficiency as long as they are able to see a direct link between the quality of their work and the profitability of the business.

Make your work environment more fun.

When your work is a source of pride and satisfaction, you work harder. When you love going to work, you are more productive. In many ways, a fun and pleasurable work environment includes things as simple as expressing admiration, encouragement and recognition. By taking a personal interest in the job that is being done as well as in the people who are performing it, you boost both morale and buy in to the company’s mission.

Identify weaknesses and competitive threats.

Know your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Take the time to see where your existing processes are slowing productivity and make specific changes in policy to address these areas. Look at your existing set up in the same way that a potential investor would. This will provide you with a clearer understanding of where better connections can be made and waste eliminated.

Seek internal and external help.

Implement a continuous improvement approach, even if it requires outside resources. Hire coaches or resources to improve business productivity. Take a careful look at how your competition operates and compare your process to theirs. Put a suggestion system in place for your employees. Measure your success and results through an outside party. By seeking help to encourage breakthrough accomplishments and reward them, you can improve productivity and profits.

Use technology to improve operations.

Though you may believe that you are already working with state of the art tools, there are many productivity-centric management tools that can help you improve operations. Whether you seek to access data more effectively or improve the ability of employees to do their work faster and more productively, there are ways to do so. You can even decrease time needlessly wasted on backup processes.

Data storage management software is a great place to start. By improving the efficiency of your data storage systems, you can reduce costs while at the same time improving the productivity and retrieval time of your existing hardware.

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