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File archiving solutions are the IT equivalent of lifesavers. Their importance cannot be denied or overlooked. No one knows for sure when your storage can fail or you hardware suffers an early death. But thanks to modern data archiving software solutions, getting back important data from the dead is no more the stuff of science fiction. Managing and backing up limitless seams of data is an important requirement for corporate firms of all sizes. It is no longer a question of whether but why businesses should and non-profit entities opt for file archiving solutions.

We give you the lowdown on 5 essential features that will end up convincing people why data archiving solutions are a necessity in today’s online world:

Robust yet Easy to use Data Analysis Tools:

Given any network there are likely to be files of many types and age, conservative estimates put this at 80% file older than 2 years, hence a lot of this data is static and old data. One of the main challenges is to have an in-depth look at various file types and age by volume matrix In order to help with effective archive policies and the storage impact. At first sight, this seems a daunting task. If it wasn’t for the built-in data analysis tools (bundled with data archiving solutions), this process would have cost corporations invaluable time and money. By having insights about data volumes with time in the form of a helpful graph administrator can create effective archive and data management policies whilst keeping storage costs and operational costs at bay.

E-Discovery of Data Files on demand:

Files can be accessed instantly from the archive repository with robust data discovery tools that are included as part of data archiving tool set. Archived content is indexed regardless of language and is easily searched using FULL-TEXT search capabilities by compliance officers, and LDAP users. LDAP user permissions are utilized for searching.

Secure and Seamless File Sharing Facility:

Conveniently share files without choking precious internet bandwidth. Instead of attaching and sending huge files via email, or using online services requiring files to be uploaded to the cloud, users can accomplish the same by sharing a file URL with trusted colleagues internally or externally. File Archiving solutions also track how many times the file has been accessed, giving IT managers more up to date information about file sharing activity. Keeping the files internally secure can help your firm avoid an ugly scenario of information leak.

Online File Viewing Capabilities

On the go and want to view the file but lacking the required software for viewing? Users don’t need to worry as data ShareArchiver comes with integrated online viewers for documents and media streaming service for common media files. This is convenient for those users who are on the go, using mobile devices and need to view important documents on the go. You will never be without access to the file.

User Can Serve their Access Needs Themselves

There’s no need to bother the IT department when it comes to file recovery and data access. Users with the right network permissions and access credentials can access the required files instantly. Data archiving solution gives your data administrators, compliance officers, and users relevant controls over the data. This helps reduce management and operational costs, while easier access to data will boosts productivity amongst users.