3 Ways File Archiving Reduces Gaming Data Storage Costs

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Are you spending a fortune to store your gaming data?

In the United States alone, gaming generates over $20 billion in revenue. This number is only expected to grow as social games gain more popularity. Since communications companies like AT&T and Verizon are moving into offering unlimited data plans once again, which will also lead to spikes in gaming data usage. The more game players sign on, the more opportunity exists for generating revenue. This means more games, and as a result, more gaming data. Yet, this is only the case when the customer gaming experience is excellent and they are truly engaged.

One of the keys to improving your customer experience lies in taking advantage of the data that is generated. The more information you have about your customers, the more you can adapt your company to make it more appealing and realize higher conversions. Also, the more efficient your servers are, the better performance is. This leads to higher usage rates and more loyal customers long-term.

Too often, gaming companies answer the need for increased data storage by adding to their existing systems. There is, however, a significant opportunity for your company to improve system performance. With each new add-on comes backup requirements as well as expenses involved in the increased workload and added complexity.

Here are 3 ways that having an efficient file archiving system can reduce gaming data storage costs.

Reduced Gaming Data Backup Costs

More systems to be backed up means you need to balance all the systems in your environment. You need to assign more staff to determine how best to back-up the various volumes being generated between old and new systems. Plus, you need to budget for the costs of maintenance, upgrades, and software costs for the system.

Converting to an automated system that provides scalability eliminates these issues. It provides immediate information about what has been backed up and to what target. It also creates greater efficiencies through deduplication and archiving of aged content, and eliminates the risks involved in backup sprawl.

Improved Gaming Data Security

One of the most pressing concerns faced by your gaming company is that of data security. With hackers constantly searching for ways to use and abuse vulnerabilities, risk is high. Having state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols built into your system is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your proprietary information. A file archiving system provides your IT administrators with the ability to create, manage, and enforce policies automatically.

Greater Agility and Productivity

The advent of games as a service has changed gaming forever. Games once came in a box, fully developed, tested, and offered as final products. Today’s games are different. They are constantly evolving based upon information that flows in on a continual basis.

It is essential that your file archiving system is able to provide you with this information as quickly as possible so that you can provide ongoing management and upgrades quickly.

File archiving systems offer cloud-based, software, and on-premise solutions that are completely scalable. They reduce storage costs, eliminate backup headaches and inefficiencies, secure your data, and improve your bottom line – all while improving your consumers’ gaming experience.

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