ShareArchiver File Archiving Appliances

ShareArchiver file archiving appliances are the perfect solution to ever increasing data storage demands, our appliances are particularly popular since they offer a complete end to end solution for archiving with seamless end user access to archived data, a single vendor to support complete archiving solutions.

Our file archiving appliances have been built from the ground up featuring many enterprise features, such as

  • Data De-duplication
  • Data Compression
  • Master-Mirror Replication
  • Windows Integrated Stubbing Technology.

The features aim to benefit organisations by  enhancing data management and reducing over all data volumes and delivering high availability (HA) to end users. A single unified platform with on-board expandable storage, with no external dependencies – our appliances offer great value for money  – Data is de-duplicated and compressed   with LDAP integration allowing end user’s to search data.

We have a range of file archiving appliances to suite small, medium and larger enterprises. The storage is customized to every organisation’s data management requirements and business needs.

ShareArchiver Appliances can be daisy chained together to amplify capacity, and can cater for 100’sTB or Petabytes deployments.Our appliances are plug n play appliances and offer an all in one solution for data archiving from file servers. Our archiving solutions can analyse data, and help you create custom policies to move stale data to the archive.

  • Plug & Play secure on-premise Solution
  • Daisy chain servers expand archive storage
  • Single vendor to support
  • Fully LDAP integrated